Stupid Wind!

Oh my it’s just about the middle of May!! The weather has been up and down here lately. Hitting high 20C’S and then below zero at night. It has also been quite windy which has made me shy about putting my plants outside.

 On Friday Night I forgot my flowers and onions outside in the greenhouse. They were a little limp come the afternoon, but they have seemed to perk back up. Saturday was also the first day my cabbages, melons, pumpkins and winter squash got to spend some time outside. They were just out for a few hours in the green house and did great. 

  On Sunday we took them out again only to have a big ole gust of wind knock over the green house. I was getting things ready for our Mother’s day supper so I just had to pretend it didn’t happen and finish getting things ready. Mr.P was kind enough to try and fix the problem. He had to take each little plant and try to replant it back into its cell the best he could. He then brought everything back in and I tried to hold back my tears as everything looked HORRIBLE.

Fast forward 24hrs and they seem to be okay. The still don’t look quite as perky as before the fall, but nothing died over night.
Onions/leeks look a little sad, but they should be okay

Squash, melons and cabbage. They are doing much better today!!

These cabbage are not looking as great..neither is the fabric on the floor or my

I did noticed 2 of the leaves look like this. I hope that doesn’t mean bad things. I have 3 out of 4 artichokes which look like that and are dying!!!

Have a great day. I have a 4pm dr's appointment. She only works till 5 so lets hope she is on time!!


  1. We must be getting the same storm front moving in. Fingers crossed our plants survive the next high winds!

  2. We have gotten very cold and super windy, too - left all the covers on everthing thru the days - hopefully Mother Nature will get over her hissy fit and we can enjoy the day/nights.

  3. There's pretty much no chance I would ever make it as far as you have, wind or no. Rather than a green thumb, I have a black thumb of certain doom and death to all that grows in soil! :) Glad some of them made it.

  4. I hope all your plants recover. The national weather service has issued a frost warning for tonight. I really hope it misses us.

  5. So sorry about your weather. We're having it too. I lost all my tulips to the freeze and the wind---blech! Hope things improve for you!

  6. Our "high winds" didn't happen! It blew just hard enough to make a mess of pine needles all over the front yard, but no damage :-)

  7. We are having cool weather and too too much wind here, too.


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