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Well today is Wednesday so I should be posting a WIP report, however there has been no work in I had made up a post last week about everything I wanted to get done in March and then I thought...why the heck am I pushing myself to get things done when I should just be relaxing before the baby arrives. So I took my own advice and decided the sewing can wait until after the little guy shows up.
I am also having mobility issues due to how the baby is positioned right now so I cannot go up and down the stairs. Therefore, I wont be able to start my seedlings until after the baby comes as well.  So no work in progress on the gardening front either!
Right now I am 38 weeks and 4 days. On Monday the doctor said that the baby would come this week. I think she is a I have had a rough couple of months and at my appointment on Monday I said I was done with this. So I think she just lied so I would feel better. Only time will tell.
So I just want to apologize for neglecting this blog over the past few weeks and likely the next few weeks to come. However, I am sure you all understand why.
take care


  1. The doctor told me the same thing and I had my baby 5 weeks later lol. Good luck.

  2. Oh, sweetie - put your feet up, watch some movies or read a book, get some sleep.

  3. Yes...just relax while you can!!!!! Won't be long now!!!! I am so excited for you!!!! I can't wait to see pics of the little one!!!! hugs

  4. Oh my goodness, Haley, where have I been??? Didn't know you were expecting! Wow what wonderful news......and I agree with Sharon....put your feet up and while you can.........Congratulations!

  5. Keep relaxing while you have the chance. We'll look forward to hearing from you when you can, and, of course, we'll look forward to meeting the baby soon too.

  6. You're almost there! Enjoy your down time while you have a chance. You'll be quite busy very soon. I'm looking forward to meeting your little guy!

  7. Of course we understand. You need to take care of yourself first and don't worry about us here in blogland.

  8. I think bubs is a pretty big WIP :)
    As it's now 12 days after you posted, I hope the little one has shown up. Otherwise, rest, relax and get ready for not much of either ;)


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