Still alive

As the blog title suggests i am indeed still alive..just haven't been able to post that often or even read any blogs or respond to such is the life of a new mom, right. The little pickle doesn't like to nap or be put down so that doesn't leave much time for the internet. That and until today I totally forgot that we own an iPad and that I can use it instead of having to drag all the baby stuff into the computer

Things are going well here and spring is hopefully just around the it's May so you'd think it would be here already and as I write's MAY what the heck!!!!!

The garden had just dried out so hopefully mr.p can till it soon but that means it will be time to plant the garden In a few weeks.....WOW
This is from last week. Rainy and icky with a wee bit of snow

Okay time to feed the little pickle and stop the crying


  1. Good to hear from you. I am glad that Little Pickle is doing well. As for the garden, well, that'll still be there next year but Little Pickle will be a Bigger Pickle by then, so just enjoy his baby days while you can.

  2. you are hopeful that spring will actually arrive soon???

  3. I am still waiting for 'non-freeze' weather as well ! It only has a 90 day grow season up here. (Colorado @8500ft)

  4. Hope you're finding life as a new mum fun, even if it is completely taken over by the little pickle :)


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