Fall harvest

it's that time of the year again, harvest time! We actually got the garden out a couple of weeks ago, but I have been slow to post about it. Our house is still under the control of our idiot contractor which means for the most part lil pickle and I are living at my mothers during the day. So no sewing, or computer or well just about no anything but sleeping at the house. I am hoping the end is near.

Anyway enough complaining here are a few harvest pictures. I haven't been able to weigh anything but I think it was an okay year
So far no sign of blight. I have two cardboard boxes full too


  1. Very nice...I have to dig my potatoes yet, but working this week for w large turkey supper on the weekend. maybe next week!!!

  2. I would say you all have very green thumbs this year!! Look at those potatoes - yummo.

  3. Wow - those are some HUGE harvests! Very envious, especially of your "no blight" situation. I had late blight for the first time last year and again this time round. Hopefully it's not here to stay.


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