Use it or lose it 12/02/16

I've been hard at work not successfully using it, however I haven't been losing it either. Unless you count my mind cause I really feel like I have been losing that  We are still on baby watch, however I think things have settled down and the little guy or gal is going to stay in for a bit longer. Watch me go past my due and argh

I have been trying to get things done around the house just in case the baby comes early. We still don't have the nursery ready, however the baby will in our room for the first few months so i focused on getting our room ready. Its now ready.

I think we have everything we need ready to go and if we don't they do have stores we can buy things at. Who knew,

I started making my freezer meals this week two. I made two Baked Penne and one Pork tenderloin in cream gravy with noodles. My mother has next week off and my hope is to get at least 15 meals made.

Used it
In making the baked Penne I used
2lbs of our farm ground beef
1 jar stewed tomatoes
1 jar tomato sauce

I also used one jar of salsa this week. (secretly addicted to baked potato with cheese and salsa on top)

Lose it

So far this week has been pretty good. I might have to throw out a few oranges come garbage day on Saturday. But for the most part we have been really good at using up our leftovers. AKA making lil pickle eat

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  1. That pork sounds lovely, could you let me have the recipe please?

  2. Well good for you! Half the time I have leftovers for lunch - less cooking for me means that I have more time to do other stuff. I've been making a bit of headway in the freezer stash as well - just made some cream of broccoli soup with frozen broccoli yesterday. The more I use up, the less I have to purchase at the grocery store, which is a pretty good motivator!

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