Wip 8/12/15

Am I the only one that can't believe it's December. It sneeks up on me every year and all the pintrest things I saved to decorate the house and make and so on never ever happen.
The house is decorated, but the tree isn't bought yet. 
I don't know about you but I live in denial that it's winter in October and November thinking that if I start thinking about Christmas I'll some how bring on the snow and cold temps. So when December hits bang I'm unprepared and then stress out that I didn't do more ahead of time. That's usually followed by December flashing by and then sadness that Christmas is over....lol maybe that's just me though..ha

I didn't have a huge Christmas project list this year. I wanted to make lil pickle an apron. Check.
And I wanted to make a mat for Santas cookies and milk. Well check to that too. I finished it last week. It's no where near what I envisioned, but it will do for a 2 year old and a 8 month old.

I also started a quilt for my son. It's a creation out of my head. So we will see how that goes..lol

We have been spoiled this year with a lack of snow and warmer than seasonal temps. However, the cold snap is here and it hit -30c last night. Yikes!

Stay warm
Mrs. Pickles


  1. Christmas and December sneak up on me every year too! This year, I don't have any decorations out yet. My dad fell in October and broke his leg so we have been busy commuting 2 hours every weekend to see him in rehab. Hopefully things are calming down and we can put up decorations this weekend!

  2. Oh, I most definitely feel the same way - my vision of all the crafts, decor, etc, I want to do never do seem to materialize. I even purchased all the materials to make a new wreath a couple of years ago...and it's still in pieces in storage. I've made a sort of commitment in my head that I'll not purchase anything new for projects until I finish some of those old ones. We'll see how that goes!

    Looks like you've made some progress on your list of projects. Every "check" on the mile long list feels good :)


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