i feel like all my posts of late have started  with. I'm alive but just too busy to
Although that is a true statement. I do miss blogging and the blog community. unfortunately the only time I have to blog is at night and my pic is in the nursery so that never works out. Using the I pad like I am doing now sucks since I can never get blogger and the iPad to work nicely

Seeding season for me will start next week. I have some big plans for the garden this year but more on the to come.

I haven't done any quilting for a bit.  But I have been making my lil guy bows ties

I really enjoy making them so I decided to start a Facebook page. @Chewsandtrimmings to see if people might like to buy some. Do I think I'll sell anything? No, not really. However, it helps make me feel useful. I find my self sitting on the outside looking in a lot. I'm trying to join the living again. 

So that's what I've been up to. 
Linking up to the  needle and thread network

Have a great day

Mrs pickles


  1. Love the little bow ties! You could even add them to little headbands for girls. My daughter's sewing is on hold until her children get older (she hinted I need to upgrade to a new machine so I can pass on mine to her).

  2. Oh, what cute little bow ties! I know what you mean about being busy. With two little ones, there's little time (when you're not exhausted) for yourself...those days were not so long ago for me that I don't remember! Really looking forward to hearing about your big garden plans :)

  3. Your bow ties are adorable! I'm thrilled to see you sewing again. Life with two little ones is beyond hectic and taking some time for YOU is so good. It was a mistake I made when my kids were young.


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