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Well it has been a busy couple of weeks with Christmas, New Years,  The Quilting Secrets Blog hop that I hosted and finally yesterday was the In Your Words hop. I think I need a few wobbly pops and some time with my feet up relaxing in front of the

I really feel like I have really neglected my gardening side for a while. It’s just so hard to get into the gardening spirit when the garden is covered in snow!!

I am going to be starting a few of my seeds next month...maybe so I figured I better starting planning!

For the most part I am going to keep the garden the same. I think I am finally at that point where I know what I need for a successful growing season in my mind and now I just need to fine tune

This is my list of what I am going to be planting..It may change but this is what I would like to grow (#of days till maturity)

Broad Beans- Broad Windsor (65days) - I grew these last year and they were Lovely!!
Edamame- Besweet (85days) - I tried these last year and they didn’t have time to ripen. I will start indoors
Beet-Detroit red (60) my favourite beet
Beet- Touchstone Gold (55) Last year was the first time I grew these and fell in love!
Broccoli- Goliath Hybrid (76) not sure if I will start indoors or not. Last year the seedlings and direct sown matured at the same time.
Brussels Sprouts- Catskill Improved (76) Last year these didn’t produce, going to start them a month earlier indoors and see what happens
Cabbage- Stonehead (67) - very successful in 2012. Will plant more for sauerkraut this year
Pak Choi- will try again since I love it, but looking for new variety
Cantaloupes- Earlisweet hybrid (68) I will make room for these this year as they always get left out
Carrots- Rainbow Hybrid (70) loved the look and taste of these last year so they will be my only carrot this year
Cauliflower- Snow Crown Hybrid (48) always a success
Cucumbers- National pickling (54) my only choice when it comes to cucumbers so yummy
Eggplant- Epic Hybrid (61) Will try again they grew well but the early frost took them out
Kohlrabi- Early White Vienna (55) last year wasn’t a good year for kohlrabi, but I will try again
Leeks- Large Musselburg (90) I haven’t had a successful year growing leeks yet, but I am trying again! Will start indoors again
Lettuce- Bon Vivant (30) my favourite go to lettuce
Onions- sets red/white (110) since we ran out of onions within a month plant more next year
Peas- Little Marvel (65) my favourite, might try another variety
Peppers- Not sure which ones yet
Potato- Norland (90) last year they were a success where the others failed so it will be my only potato this year
Radish- Easter Egg Blend (25) my favourite
Spinach- Tyee Hybrid (42) another favourite
Butternut Squash (82) these didn’t take last year. Will start indoors this year
Squash-Spaghetti (70) frost took them in 2012 will try again this year
Tomato- Roma- Not sure which variety of roma, depends on what the greenhouse is selling
Tomato- early girl loved having fresh tomaotes though out the whole summer
Tomato-cherry last years plants were "unkown" but yummy
Zucchini- Black beauty (60) always a success

That is my list so far. I am still toying with whether or not to plant pumpkins and sweet potatoes, but for the most part I think the above list is set in stone.
Have a great day


  1. I`m going to start early girls pretty soon. My neighbor gives me heirloom tomatoes she starts and there`s another I grow that`s bred for our hot summers. Depending on frost, I plant my tomatoes in March. With this crazy weather, all that is subject to change. I know we`ll do peppers and cantaloupe, maybe small watermelons. Haven`t made up my mind on the rest.

  2. Sounds like a tasty garden, interspersed with some weeds I wouldn't touch with a barge poll. Yes, brussel sprouts, I'm looking at you

  3. Is it totally sad that I will be happy just to get strawberries and tomatoes planted?

  4. I finally have a small planting bed so I'll be trying some of your suggestions this year. you use seeds or seedlings? And I used to plant Juliet grape tomatoes and they are fabulous. They are a bit bigger than typical grape tomatoes but a bit sweeter. If you can find them you might want to give them a try.


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