Tomato seedlings worth the effort?

I LOVE to grow tomatoes since they are my favourite fruit. I love to eat them fresh off the vine and turn them into lovely canned goods in the fall. However I always buy my tomatoes as plants from a green house and then plant them in the garden. Last year was my first year growing seedlings indoors and I am thinking that maybe this is the year to start my own tomatoes from seed.

However, as I think about doing that I also start to think is it worth the effort? Okay the growing the plants from seeds isn’t that hard and doesn’t really require that much effort. I think I am just afraid that what I grow won’t produce and then I will be tomato

I guess a good solution would to be to try some from seed and some from store and see what happens. Sounds logical, right? I also have a hard time finding Roma tomatoes when I am ready to plant my garden so I guess that would save that worry too. Okay I have talked myself into it!!!  What does everyone else do?

Okay one more question. I have recently read a few articles that say you should plant your tomatoes in the same spot every year, unless you had blight. Does anyone do this?

I came across the picture below on Pintrest. They are worm tubes. You put the tubes in the ground and put kitchen scraps inside and then cap them. The worms will enter the tubes eat the scraps and then go back into the garden. I am not sure if this is a brilliant or crazy idea, but I think I just might try it!! Check out


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  1. I haven't had any luck starting my own. But then again; it may be They just don't seem strong enough to withstand the cool air and wind here when I plant them...but I must say; I have had the same thing happen with store ones too.
    Not much help, eh.

  2. I don't do a big garden any more, but last year I just had to grow tomatoes and some zucchini - the squash produced very little. BUT only 4 tomato plants over produced and our three households had plenty of toms!

  3. It is nice to hear someone talking about spring already LOL
    I must admit that I was always too lazy to start my own plants, but the nursery starts them from seeds...right?? I agree with Marjorie, though, that the hardening off of the plants would be important. I am sure google has advice! :)

  4. I've tried growing my tomatoes from seed. The only thing is that I usually start them too late. I'd plant the seeds now. They can take a while to get big enough to grow outside.
    As for the one spot. I'veread that if you do that, you will build up disease in the area. Best to do a three year cycle, grouping tomatoes and potatoes tog whn you do your 3 year rotation (as in don't plant toms in the spot that you planted potatoes last year)

  5. I always found that my home grown toms did better than the ones from the store. But I did pamper them with the best soil mix and a little fan that would go on occasionally and very close fluorescent lights.

  6. I think your idea about the seedlings is great...from home and store just to make sure. I, also, had heard to never plant the tomatoes in the same spot one season after the other.....good luck!

  7. I'm starting mine from seeds this year, but I'm keeping them inside the house until April or May and then keeping them in the greenhouse. Our season is too short, and our elevation too high. I have had no luck getting them to ripen in the garden.

  8. Its good that you will make an effort to plant seedlings indoors. I was too nervous when i did it the first time. Choosing the right hydroponic seeds for your hydroponic indoor gardening is a crucial part. Rest all will fall in place. More information on growing plants from seeds instead of clones can be found at

  9. Hello, Mrs. Pickles! I think you must try planting the tomatoes from the seeds. Hm, it’s okay to be afraid, I guess, but I think it’ll be all worth it in the end. After all, I know that you will take good care of your plants. I can’t wait to see the ripe tomatoes in your garden. They’ll surely be for consumption right away! :)

    -- Shona Martinez


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