Its Starting......

Yesterday we awoke to a little snow, but by 10am it was all pretty well gone. Today is it after 11am and the snow we got overnight/this morning is still here. Luckily it is just a wee little bit. However, it means that winter is just around the corner. I really hope we have a mild winter with not a lot of snow. We were hit hard last year and I personally feel like we deserve a little break this winter...LOL

Have a great day


  1. I hate to see this coming, but you just know it is around the corner. I hope for a mild winter too.

  2. It wasn't the first snow up here, but we received an inch or so on the mountain top last night as well. Gone by morning. :)

    I did get to see the solar array completely white-over at midnight though.

    1. the first few snowfalls are always the hardest, then it gets easier to accept...LOL

  3. Hard to imagine that you have had snow already when we still have our a/c running!

  4. It started here this morning...and is still coming down hard and heavy! I hope it lets up, for both of us!

  5. Snow is a rare event here in Arkansas so we never mind it happening but I'm sure for you it's a real chore! blessings, marlene

  6. It is starting so early! I am worried we are going to have a hard winter here, my daughter is naturally very excited about that prospect. LOL


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