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For the past few days Mother Nature has been reminding us that winter is indeed on the way. She was tricking us for awhile give us days of lovely sunny weather over the past week-end. This tricks us into thinking that winter along with that 4 letter 2 word are further away that we think! This time last year we already had snow and guess what it didn’t go away until May! It was a hard cold winter with way too much snow. I am hoping that this winter Mother Nature goes a little easier on us.

We spent the majority of the Thanksgiving long week-end trimming trees and hauling branches away. Well my mom and Mr. Pickles did. I was in charge of keeping the chair on the ground and bringing water when My workers got A LOT done and the yard is looking great. We had a professional tree trimmer come out and give us a quote on just tiding up 10 trees. It was going to cost 6000 with tax and well there is no way we can afford that so Mr.P did his best to trim what he could. He was able to do most of it himself though so we saved a few thousand bucks. We still have 3 trees that we cannot do on our own so the professionals are going to come out in a few weeks.
He wasn't trying to get all the branches in the kennel...but it just ended up happening that way...LOL

Instead of supervising I should have been in the house canning tomatoes, but it was just too nice outside and well I was too afraid someone would get hurt if I wasn’t watching. I did however make a batch of salsa yesterday. I got 11 jars, but only use up 52 tomatoes. I had done up some whole tomatoes last week (no pic) and got 7 1L jars and used 120 tomatoes. I figure I still have a good 100lbs+ to use up. They are getting rotten, but there are still more good than bad.

In other news...I got a new cell phone a few months ago..a Samsung to replace my old blackberry and I am having the hardest time getting my pics off of it. I can connect it to the laptop but then the pics don’t show up just a generic pic so I have to guess what I am adding to my pictures files. I added google+ since that is what the “internet” said to do to make it easier. However I don’t like the idea of all the pics I take being backed up online for anyone to see.(I know it says only I can see them but I have my doubts) also not all the pics on my phone show up when I click the phone option. So then I end up having to do everything the hard way...gesh. You would think that the newer the technology the easier it would be. On my old bb all I had to do was sync my phone to the lap top and voila all pic showed up on the laptop in order and ready to share. I am sure I am doing something wrong......maybe...gotta be the phone and not the user....right...LOL


  1. Interesting what you said about your new phone. I too have recently got a Samsung, and I can't for the life of me get photos from it onto my laptop. Please let me know if you work it out without using Google+

  2. Wow, that's a huge quote for the trees. I don't blame you guys for doing it yourselves. Hope the remaining trees don't cost too much.
    For the phone, looks like Samsung want you to use software on your computer. There's an application called Samsung Kies that you need to install and use it to get your photos off your phone.


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