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Okay so I have been complaining about not sewing for months now. I have decided to get my butt in gear and at least start cleaning up my sewing room. I honestly have put 8 months worth of “ too lazy to put away stuff” in my sewing room on the floor on the desk and well where ever I have room.

But today the buck stops here and I am going to start cleaning….durring nap time and very quietly since the little ears on the other side of the wall are very alert… VERY...lol The little bugger can hear the computer hummmmmm...what the heck...lol

So here are some before pics…………. Insert my blushing ashamed face here.
I wasn't going to post these....but i am hoping the shame helps me clean...lol

ekkkkkkkkkkkkk. I feel bad....hit rock bottom...so only can go up from here..lol


  1. I am sure you are not alone. Love the new blog setting - very festive with the season.

  2. It will feel so good when it gets organized. That is the joy of cleaning.

  3. That my friend is just creativity in motion!! 5-10 min each day!! You can do this! Inch by inch life is a sinch yard by yard its very hard!!

  4. I have a feeling that you're going to make significant progress rather quickly. It could be far, far worse! I can tell that you're excited about sewing again!


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