Use it or Lose it

I am still doing my use it or lose it...journey....for lack of a better term

I have used up

5 jars of tomatoes
10 onions
4 2c bags of green beans
1 jar of salsa
10 potatoes
1 beef roast

Saved 1/2 pkg of fresh spinach by puréeing it into baby food
I have also been making a little extra starch and saving it to add to lil pickles food

I have A LOT of potatoes left and this is the first week I have used potatoes in a good month. So note to more

Its not a lot, but something is better than nothing. Basically our little poop dragon has become our compost heap. Pretty well all leftovers and fruits/veg almost too ripe go to her. She now like to feed herself meat so I cut proteins up into small pieces and freeze them. I am still puréeing veggies and adding protein/starch chunks to them. babies really are smart and i am amazed daily by everything she is learning.

Tossed it
2 mandarin oranges. Suckers got white over night
1 cucumber i found in the back of the

No exciting pictures or recipes today just some puréed green


  1. I planned my family Christmas meal on this idea -- I started with all the things I could pull from the pantry and then added in the proteins


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