Catching up

As you may recall from my last post lil pickle had four molars coming in and I wasn't getting much done. Well it turned out she ended up with a nasty cold with an ear infection in addition to cutting molars so the house wasn't getting much sleep at all. Luckily lil pickles meds kicked in after a few days and she was on the mend. Unfortunately I ended up catching her cold which amplified into something I of course didn't go to the doctor because I couldn't get an appointment till this Friday....stupid

I took the pictures below on the 19th of May the day before I got sick and I haven't turned on the computer since then. I am on the mend now but still sick and lucky Mr.P has just caught the bug...eeeek Man colds are the worst!

So long story short I am going to play catch up on my blog posts, comments and blog reading over the next fews days as long as my energy stay and lil pickle continues to refuse to

Here is the back garden after Mr.P tilled it. This year I am going to plant all my vine plants back here  on trellises

Here is the main garden. I wish it good stay this weed free all year!!

Its hard to tell in this picture, but my mother and I thinned out the raspberry bushes and transplanted a few of the stalks to make the patch bigger.

More on the garden to come in the next few days


  1. Love your garden! Even unplanted, it's gorgeous!

    So sorry to hear you and Lil P have mostly recovered. Summer colds are the worst.

  2. Oh no. I'm so sorry you've all been ill. I hope the Pickles' household is all back on its feet soon.


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