Garden update 09/06/15

It is finaly offical...the garden is in. Okay that is a lie there are still a few more things to add the the garden. However, for the most part it is all in. I have a few tomato plants that didn't survive the tranplant into the garden and I still have to plant my spinach and lettuce and a few flowers..but pretty well done

Here are a few pics of my seedlings. They really turned out great this year


Here is the back garden. I think this will be a HUGE mistake, but I planted pumpkin, cucumbers, melon, watermelon, spaghetti squash, and butter nut squash. I plan on putting  3 out of the 7 on trellises, however, i think everything is just going to be one big mish mash!

Here is the main garden looking east. Its hard to see in this pic, but I put everything in 3x3 plots again. They are marked out in green twine It makes it easier to till the garden and thus keep the weeds down

Here are all the containers i
 25 tomatoes and 16 cabbage

So we had the driest May on record and June is following suit. At least we got the back pump working so we can water from the well.....hopefully it doesn't go dry!

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  1. That's a lot of garden! So many places are dry -- we are extremely wet.

  2. Your garden already looks great! I can see the 3' squares too. We are also drier than normal here. Seems like our rain has been getting stuck in the midwest. No garden here though - one day!

  3. Wow - that looks like a huge garden! I have been behind in the garden since April (now realizing that is definitely NOT the best time to go on vacation) and am almost caught up.

    We also had no rain in May, but it's been making it up in the last couple of weeks, where there has been no shortage of downpours (including today!).


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