Some preserving

well this little bun in the oven really has me out of sorts this time around. In addition to letting just about everything else in my life slide so has my blog. Don't you hate when real life gets in the

We started our kitchen renovation on Monday so I've been hiding out at my moms with little pickle during the day. So far we are four days in and things are so so. I'm hoping everything stays on track.

Before our renos started I did get a bit of preserving done. A 16 500ml jars of saskatoons, 13 500ml jars sour cherries 8 1L jars of sourkraut and 32lbs of beans!!  I can't find the pics of the saskatoons or cabbage so I'll have to repost them.
Okay my iPad and blogger have decided not to play well together now. So that's all for today!


  1. I'm so behind on my blog reading. I hadn't realised there was another little Pickle on the way, congratulations.

  2. And all I can say is: a kitchen redo with another pickle on the way??? Oh dear--you ARE brave!

  3. I didn't know you were expecting !! Congratulations!!! In the middle of preserving here too.

  4. Hey!!! Ccongrats on a new pickle!! I don't remember reading that anywhere either!! I'm so happy for you!! So many changes!! How wonderful! !


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