Bee's Helping Bee's

As some of you may recall I started up a flickr group back in April called Bee's Helping Bee's. The concept behind this group is for quilters to help fellow quilters in making....... (insert drum-roll here)........ yep you guessed it quilt blocks!

So many of us quilters in the online community are part of virtual quilting bee's. Unfortunately there are times when you don't end up getting all of your blocks. When that happens there are two options ..give up on the quilt or make the blocks yourself. 

However, now there is a third option. 

Join our group Bee's Helping Bee's. Post a thread on the blocks you are missing and within in minutes there will be lovely people popping in to say they would love to help you.

Are you reading this and thinking I could sure use some help on finishing up some quilt blocks, but I wasn't in an online bee. Well guess what!! We will help you too!!

The only rule to the group is that if you post a thread requiring help you have to help out at least one other person.

Right now we have three lovely ladies that need some help with some pretty easy blocks. If the words Woven Ribbons, Heart Blocks and Wonky Stars get your sewing foot a itchin.
click the link to see if you can help out.

Have a great day!


  1. you take orphan blocks? I have some from the We Be Learning Bee that I probably won't make into a quilt because the 11 blocks I have are not enough to make a large lap quilt. It's been a hard decision but I'd rather pass them along and have them used than find them 10 years from now unused.

  2. I still think this was a fantastically brilliant idea! Thank you for starting this group!


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