Black Friday Bust

I got up early (for me) today to check out all the Black Friday sales online only to find my poor credit card still unused an hour later...LOL

I was mainly looking at fabric and nothing really said BUY ME this year. There were a few things that I could have bought just because they were on sale, but nothing I really needed so I put the credit card back in my wallet.

Quite a few stores in Canada have jumped on the Black Friday Bandwagon. Even here in Saskatchewan there is quite the Black Friday Buzz. Not enough of a buzz for me to get out of my jammies and drive to the city to check out the sales, but the "TV" says that many stores are expecting quite the line ups. 

Since I am having trouble walking I really wanted to get a few items crossed off my list,  however none of the places I am looking at online ship to Canada. I hate when that happens. I guess that is one of the problems of marring a Swiss man with European The other problem is that neither Mr.P nor my mother have given me their wish lists yet so I am shopping blind.

Okay I think I have wasted enough time online today sitting at the pc when I am suppose to be laying down...shhh don't tell anyone! I might even do some sewing...but don't tell anyone that either or ill get my butt kicked and its already pretty sore..LL

Have a great week-end


  1. I haven't seen anything spectacular on the Black Friday sales - which is good as I have plenty of fabric. I ran only to the post office and the pharmacy (pick up meds for SIL who caught a cold from our last show). I dont go near any stores from now til Jan.

  2. Went to the mall what a disappointment ,came home empty handed .

  3. Since I'm home most of the time my niece asked if I could find a good deal on a laptop. I got it online early yesterday morning. I have been looking at the online fabric shops but the only thing I have found is a Hex N More ruler at a good discount and I had a 20% off coupon on top of that so that's all I bought after two hours of looking. After working retail for years I've found that Black Friday deals can be beat most of the time.

  4. What a disappointment for you. I hate it when I've been looking forward to a shopping binge like that but end up empty handed.

  5. I didn't fine much of interest either. I did make a relatively small purchase from The Intrepid Thread during her 30% off 24 hour sale but that was it. Hopefully some more sales of real interest will come along.

  6. I got some great fabric 25 off at The Fat Quarter Shop. I have to order enough to make it pay because it is soooo expensive to ship to Canada now.

  7. Next time you're shopping online for the swiss man with european tastes, see if you get free/cheap shipping to the uk. I can the post it on from here :)


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