Good Bye November

I know I already posted earlier in the week that I cannot believe that November is almost over and with today being the official last day of the month I really cannot believe it!!

Mr.P's office is having their Christmas party tonight which seems WAY TO EARLY, but we are still going. I am still having problems sitting so it should be an interesting evening. Mr.P had now been working with these guys for over a year now so there should be more to talk about vs last year when he had only been officially working in the shop a few weeks before the Christmas party. This year the party is at the wildlife federation in town so we shall be having supper with dozens of stuffed animals....that should be very festive..LOL

I got a bit of  sewing done this week and now it lies in pieces on my cutting table. Although it looks messy I have everything in pairs just ready to be sewn. Ill post more on that on Wednesday.

There was some sad and gross news at our acreage today. Yesterday I found meaty bones in front of the cat door out back. I assumed they had found the muskrat Zada killed and were making a meal of it. Gross, but they are all outdoor cats so not really unexpected. However, today when Mr.P went to feed the cats he noticed that Tiny was missing. He took a quick look around the chicken  cat coop and found Tiny behind a wood pile half eaten!! YUCK YUCK YUCK. So now I am not so sure the bones in front of the coop are muskrat they just might be cat. He was alive and well on Thursday. I usually count all the cats when I feed them just to make sure no one is missing and for the first time in 6 months forgot to check yesterday. I hope that something happened to him and they were just feasting on him after he died, not that the rest of the litter was hungry and just ate him. Even though they are outdoor cats and fend for themselves we still feed them cat food/water everyday so they shouldn't have been THAT hungry. This will be the 2nd kitten in 2 months that has gone missing. We never found Whitey and I am glad that I wasn't the one to find Tiny!

Okay enough about that it is just sad and oh so GROSS. I am off to get a bit more sewing done and then maybe a nap or two while the laundry is washing itself...LOL


  1. It was more likely a fox, coyote or wolf - take some hair from your hair brushes and scatter it around - the human smell will keep them at bay.

  2. I like the above trick! I'm going to try it around our home (which in the country). Sad about your cats :(

  3. Could be a fisher, they are known to kill cars and small dogs. I read once if you spread human urine around the area it keeps them away. It's gross, I know but we do it when camping and so far, we've never had unwanted visitors. Hair works too but blows away.

  4. Poor little things. Do you have predators living nearby, like foxes?


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