A Good Stink

Are you asking yourself if there is such a thing as a  good stink? Well I am here to tell you YES..lol

Yesterday my mother came over to help me can sauerkraut. Well I told her what to do and she made me sit and watch, but it worked out well.

1.5L is missing since it got eaten last night

We ended up getting 15.5 1L jars done up which was pretty darn GREAT. Last year we got 7 jars out of 12. It was my first year making sauerkraut and I didn't pack them quite as tight as I should of. In addition to that a few went moldy. This year we packed the suckers tight as heck and started off with 17 1L jars, two smelled a little iffy to my Mom. However 15.5 out of 17 is a much better result.

I tried some last night with a bit of pasta. It was quite a bit salty and I am not sure if that is because I used too much salt or because I didn't rinse it off before I processed it this year. (I forgot about that until it was all canned and processed..OOOPS) It is a pretty mild kraut otherwise which is good and bad, but still eatable either way!

Have a Great Day


  1. OK, to me kraut is not a good smell. I can remember my greatgran making kraut in buried crocks - augh, the smell when they were 'age' ready.

  2. Not a good smell at all, unless the kraut is on a reuben sandwich. :O)


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