Stupid Instructions/Instruction reader

Okay I am posting 4 days in a row...oh my oh my oh my...LOL

Wednesday and Thursday I spent a few hours working on my baby quilt. Working with minky for the first time has been interesting. I pinned it A LOT, but of course it still stretches pretty good. It's that kind of material that stretches just by looking at it. Just when I thought I had the hang of it it would start to slip and my 1/4inch seams became 1/8inch seams and I would have to redo it. I don't think I would ever work with it again unless I really really had to.

The quilt it self is part of a kit that I bought locally. It was a great price and I really liked the fabric. If you recall I bought the kit almost 2 years ago. I was going to make the quilt for my cousin who was expecting, however, she has never been all that nice to me and I knew she wouldn't appreciate the quilt at all. So I kept the kit for a rainy day and gave her a store bought gift instead.

After getting all the rows done I am mad at myself and the instructions in the kit.

Okay not the best pic I just threw them on the floor in a big ole pout. 

After making the 4 patch blocks it doesn't say anywhere in the instructions to square them up to 6.5 x 6.5. I squared them up a bit as the strips provided were not all a uniform width (although they should have been) For the most part the blocks were 6.5 x 7.5 and since 20 blocks came out the same size I figured that was the way they were suppose to be. Now the minky was required to be cut to 6.5 it didn't say 6.5 squared, but I assumed so since there was just enough fabric for the 17 6.5x6.5 squares. So after everything had been cut, I sewed 7 rows together and I start to lay it out I glance at the picture in the kit and it hits me.

In the picture all the seams match up nicely because all the blocks are obviously the same size. However, mine wont match up because the blocks are 2 different sizes!! Insert a few f-bombs here.

So now I am left with the question. Do I take it all apart and square up the 4 patch blocks or leave it and see if I can live with it. I think the only option I have it just to leave it as I squared up the rows before sewing them together so now my minky will be smaller. Part of me wants to the call the store I bought from and yell, but I bought it so long ago and I am at fault more than them. Arg so not the way I thought this would go. I am just to disappointed that I spent a good hour crying over the darn thing.

Today I am just going to sew all the rows together and just let it be. I am sure the baby wont care.

Have a great day


  1. I would just let it be. Tearing it apart will only make you more nuts with the minky stretching. Quilt it in swirls and it will all blend as a design choice. Don't sweat the small stuff - just breath..

  2. Blame it on hormones! You get that pass you know! Do you have a walking foot? It makes it a bit easier. I love the feel, but don't care for the hastle!

  3. I noticed each line alternates from the one above. What would happen if you didn't alternate the strips? I know it will look different, but then the corners would match up. Just an idea. Again the baby will never know =)
    (I would be horribly frustrated at this point,too)

  4. Well Sharon has pretty much said what I was going to. Unless you absolutely won't be able to live with it, dont undo it, just quilt it with swirly curvy bits and leave well alone. The baby is not one of the quilt police after all.

  5. PS I've just gone back and looked at it again, and I love it like this. It's now a very modern style quilt.

  6. I actually like it like this! I say trim up the edges, add a border if it's a bit on the small size, quilt it up and love it like a red-headed stepchild! It'll be puked on with as much gusto as any 'perfect' quilt would!

  7. I like the two different widths. It makes it look like purple ribbons are woven through


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