I am back

 Okay I didn't really go away since I still managed a few posts without my trusty laptop, but I am now officially a computer owner again...lol
We decided to go with one of those new all-in-one contraptions instead of another laptop. Our laptop didn't leave the kitchen table for 4 years, so we felt that maybe we didn't need another one. Especially since we bought the ipad...lol
The only problem now is that our 24" screen takes up too much space on the kitchen table, which means I have to clean up the sewing room to turn half of it into a computer room. Gesh who let that room get so messy anyhow...not me for sure :P
I am still learning how to use the computer and trying to figure out how to get it to act like our previous one. I use to use IE for most of my online needs, however, I used Chrome exclusively for blogging since both are Google products and I seemed to have less problems blogging that way. For now IE seems to be working, but I might be a no reply blogger and not know about it...lol
So that is what is new on my side of the screen. I hope to get enough cleaning done today that I can find my sewing machine and well sew :)
Have a great day


  1. Hi!!! Glad you are back!!!! If you get this you are not a no reply!!!!

  2. Glad things are working. My cable co. made updates overnight which knocked down a lot of my stuff, so had to play computer whiz most of the morning.

  3. You can s5ill pop Chrome on there. It us not that difficult. I'm just not a big fan of IE I find it glitchy and not compatible with many things! Good luck with your new beast!

  4. As someone else said, I think you can still install Chrome fairly easily. Anyway, welcome back, even though you haven't really been anywhere!

  5. Glad you are back up and running. We are considering one of those new all-in-ones too. I gave up on IE a while back and switched to Firefox and have been much happier. If IE gives you trouble, you might want to give Firefox a try.


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