To seed or not to seed

This time last year I was starting to get ready to plant my indoor seeds. This year not so much and I am itching to get them started, but it might not happen.
Of course I am still planning of having a garden this year and yes it will be the same size as in years past, but I am just not starting seedlings indoors this year. Why... you ask....well with the baby coming in March I thought I might not need the added stress of going downstairs everyday to tend on the seedlings. Even as I type this I am telling myself YES YOU CAN DO IT and YES YOU SHOULD DO IT. It is a pretty easy thing to do that doesn't require a lot of time, however since this is our first child I am not sure exactly how zonked I will be with a newborn, but I know I will be zonked
Last year I had planned ahead on the hopes that we would get pregnant and have a little one to tend to during the 2014 gardening season. So I doubled the amount of veggies I would normally can/freeze so I either wouldn't have to process as much or would have the choice of not processing anything at all and still having options in the cold room/freezer. Our plans also included remodeling the kitchen this summer so I knew either way I should process more in 2013 incase there wasn't time or a kitchen in 2014!
It' still hard to think about spring/summer when the yard still looks like this and will continue to look that way for another few months.

Yes it looks nice and sunny....but it is -23C and feels like -31C with the windchill so brrrrrrrr

Nonetheless, I think I may still start a few things indoors. Nothing like last year though. Maybe just a few cabbages and tomatoes to save me going to the city to buy plants. I guess I talked myself into planting seeds indoors after all...LOL
Okay that was my ramble for the


  1. Have you ever tried creating a block wall and planting against it? I've been debating/researching means of gardening up here at 8500FT with maybe a 90 days frost free window.

    An Austrian, Sepp Holzer, has citrus planted alongside a mountain with rock outcroppings.

    This year, as soon as the ground warms enough to get at the clay, I am planning on creating a stem wall to plant against. Create a half moon of cob wall around the north and plant trees against it on the south side.

    Using the 'stone-work' to radiate heat back at night to temperate the immediate zone around the trees.

    It has gotten down to around -20F/-29C.

    Do you do anything similar?

    1. Unfortunately it is just too cold here for something like that. We hit well below -29C on an average basis for most of the winter and the frost goes down too deep.Although we get a lot of sunshine we don't get the lumens needed for anything to grow.

  2. I'm sure you will do what makes sense for you.

  3. JUst wait your time will come ya! Ginny


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