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I must say I really thought that babies slept more. In the books I read it said babies sleep for at least 17 hours a day.  I naïvely thought “Great I will get a lot of stuff done this spring” yeah well that just didn’t happen. Little pickle doesn’t like to nap during the day and insists that I sit next to her or hold her all day. She does however know that 10pm is bed time and never fights us to go to sleep. Some days She gets a good 5 hour sleep to start and then up for a feeding and back down for 3 hours if we are lucky. Two weeks ago she was sleeping 9 hours a night getting up at 7 and then sleeping again till 10. I swear now that we are back to being up every 3 hours at night it hitting me harder now than in the first month. To every book and every parent that said it gets easier in month 3 I say… b.s… Nonetheless she will be 3 months on the 13th so things can get better. The days have been a bit easier of late since I don’t have to be holding her all the time. I have been getting a few mins on the internet to check my e-mail, but today is the first time I have had time to type out a blog post. Still no time to catch up on my blog reading. We do own an iPad, but I just never seem to have the time to use it during the day and then at night Mr.P uses it and to be honest I am not sure what I am doing…lol

Nonetheless there has been some progress made on the garden!! Little pickle decided that she hates it outside and won’t spend more than 5mins outside. Since she is only 11 weeks that’s okay as she really shouldn’t be out in the heat anyhow, but it makes it hard to plant the garden. I have also been having health problems again which has made it hard for me to be out in the garden once again too. However, my mother watched the baby for a couple of hours last Monday and I was able to get the entire back garden planted with norland potatoes.

The back garden
 Mr.P planted 3 rows of norland in the main garden too. We will be using these as a new potato crop.

On Tuesday I got two rows  or 8 boxes planted in the main garden before I felt the telltale signs of heat stroke and on Saturday my lovely mother planted the rest of the garden for me while I watch little pickle… what does that mean…………well it means the GARDEN IS IN!!
The main garden. My mother tied twine around each box so we know what is planted where.

Yahoo!! I really think that my new system for weed control is going to work this year. It took a little more effort to plant than in past years, but I think it will work in the end.

Mind the here is the whole main garden planted



  1. That is a really big garden! Enjoy your little one - they grow so fast. Soon you will be chasing her around that backyard.

  2. it is so fast they grow!! Your garden looks like mine...LOL but neater. the grass has started in mine. veggies have started up and so has the weeds!!!!

  3. Good to hear from you. You have a huge garden, and that must be daunting at times, but just think how much Little Pickle is going to love that in a couple of years time.

  4. I was just thinking of you the other day! Glad to hear you're doing well. I can't believe all that you're getting done with an 11 week old! I don't even remember the first 7 weeks and it's a blur for a bit after that too.

  5. Some sleep, some don't. Sounds like you got unlucky. Maybe you should ask for a refund ;)
    Hopefully she'll settle down and give you more time soon. And lose her hate of the outdoors. That would be handy.

  6. Every kid is different!!!! I often said if our son came first there would NOT have been more! ! The garden us coming along!! Cant wait to see!! More! All I can say is have patience!


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