What does the fox say

Well let me tell you I know exactly what the fox says...lol
As you may recall for the past 8 years we have lived out on this acreage we have had fox problems every spring. They usually make their home under one of our old chicken coops and although cute as heck cause quite the commotion in our yard. They attack our cats, our dog and even me on a few occasions. To top off all that drama we usually have a 2 week period of being awaken in the wee hours of the morning by foxes screaming. If you have never heard a fox make noise it is not a cute little sound, but an ungodly sound from the depths of hell....and that's being nice!
This year they came back again and won't leave. Usually my Dad would go out and pee around their holes and with in a day or two they would be gone. This year no Dad so the foxes are staying. I've tried covering their holes, taking the dog to pee where they live and yelling at them every time I see them, but they won't leave. To make things worse they have pups and my cat has kittens all living with in a 2 square foot area of each other...so the fox has been trying to kill our cats and eat the kittens for the past 3 months and our female Bast has been trying to keep the fox away from her kittens. It has been very loud, very scary and very annoying and always seems to happen just as the baby falls asleep.
Today things have gotten quite bad. The fox is teaching its pups to attack the cats and the cats are freaking out and trying to well just survive. When I go out to try and break things up the foxes lunge at me and I cannot run very fast. The dog is away this week to run interference so I have been hiding inside. I called the RM and the pest control officer gave us the green light to shoot the fox as it is a danger to us and our animals. So now the battle begins and I know how it will end....the foxes will win...they are pretty sneaky


  1. Oh my gosh...this sounds so scary to have them around! My grandsons love the song, but you give a much more vivid picture of what a fox really says and does. Good luck!

  2. Oh wow! I see foxes at work and admire them. You show a different side to them

  3. Thats no good!! I see fox stew in your future!! Or a nice stol! Hope you Lil Pickle is doing well!!! Brest to see you here! Any garden this year?!

  4. oh my goodness..we city peeps, although i LIVE IN THE COUNTRY, we are fenced in and nothing comes near our property..we put critter ridder on the parameters, i am not sure what I would do with foxes.... you have my empathy...


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