Birthday sewing

My 1st born turns 4 today which feels like a kick in ths head! Where the heck did the time go! I'm sure my mom still thinks that at everyone of my birthdays too. However, really where did the time go!

I won't turn this into a blubbering baby post, but i am teary eyed here today for sure. I haven't done a lot of sewing for her in the past  4 years mainly because everything I made she refused to wear. So she has a bucket full of headbands and bows collecting dust. A few tutus thats she'll only wear for dress up days (and she determines when those are. Lol) and a Christmas apron that of course can only be worn at Christmas time. I have never sewn clothing so the above is the extent of my skills.

This year is a bit different. She is obsessed with Ladybug and Cat noir. Which of course is not popular in Canada so momma cannot find anything to buy her. I decided to make her a mask like the main character. I also was going to make a cape but was told ladybug doesnt wear a cape. Haha.

I turned out......well not so great. I double checked my ribbon twice and still put it in the wrong way. I also wasn't sure how to do the eye holes. I checked a few tutorials online and followed them, but it still looks a little creepy and unfinshed. However, my saving grace is that she is 4 and hopefully she thinks it is amazing. If not which might be the case since she is picky. i have more than enough material to try this again!

I also recently finished a matching set for a friend. There is a wrap around belt, mens bowtie and 2 hair bow clips. I'm always a little afraid to make things for people I know or well anyone at all. I am sure they will hate everything and the imaginary fighting that will never actaully take place goes on and on in my head at night..oh boy fun times, right. Nonetheless, i am pretty happy with the way this set turned out and I hope they love it as much as I do.

Well that is it for today. Have a great Day
Mrs. Pickles


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