Change is hard

As the old saying goes....Change it hard. Although I can apply this saying to many aspects of my life. At the moment trying to get my blog back into order is where I can apply it the most. So much has changed in such a little time I feel lost! I am going to have to try and find my groove again soon!

I have cleaned a few things up, but it still needs some work. Gesh technology sure does move at ths speed of light. Especially when you are away from it for awhile.

Our household survived 2 birthdays and a big dual party all with in 8 days. If i had to do it all again i think we would plan not having kids born 3 days However at this age my oldest thinks thats how every kid celebrates with their siblings.

I am still battling this crazy tirednss so i havent done anything in the craftroom. I'm hoping as the sun starts to shine this fog lifts from me. It's heartbreaking to hear your child play pretend and tell her toys mommy can't play because she is still too tired.

Tomorrow is a new day so lets hope for a better day!


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