So 16th times the charm. Thats the saying,
I have tried to get back into blogging so many times i have lost count. However i am sure it has to be in the teens.
So i am going to hit the restart button and try again.

So where do i start this reboot from...him maybe not the beginning but how about from here!

Life has been busy here. My son who recently celebrated his 2nd birthday has finally started to consistently sleep through the night and we appear to have his eczema handled for now. It had been a hard year of little sleep or no sleep that threw the whole house in a tail spin.  I think we are finally starting to get out of the fog and live again. But boy oh boy it was a hard year and i will be honest i felt like giving up more than once.  But sometimes when you think you can't go on another day you just do because quitting just isn't an option.

My daughter will be 4 in a few days. Yep they are just a few days apart. It makes for a busy march. She like her brother are perfect in our eyes and the best things that could have happened to us. They keep me on my toes for sure which is harder when you are sick but i think they are happy and that's what is important.

I have been doing a bit of sewing here and there. I had an extreemly disapointing craft show back in November which made me shy away from the craft room for a bit. My focus is going to go back to sewing for my family instead. I had let the idea of being in a craft fair  fester in my head for 10 years. Now that i tried and failed i can at least say i tried. Im okay with that for now.

I will be doing a big garden this year too. Hopeully i will be starting some seedlings next week. It will be fun to involve both kids in the garden this

That's enough rambling for now. Let's hope this rebook works!!

Take care
Mrs. P


  1. Wow, where has the time gone!!?? Great to see you back in blog land! :) craft fairs are often feast or famine ... you just never know! I hope this year is better for you!!

  2. So great to see a post from you! Cannot believe the kids are 2 and 4 already. Time has flown!

    I personally do not want to turn something I love to do into a job. Craft fairs are HARD work. Sewing for the family sounds like so much more fun! :)


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