Garden thoughts

With the weather warming up ( it's -11C with the windchill  I've been thinking about the garden. I know I will plant again this year even though some people in my life keep saying silly things like don't plant it or just plant a small garden.  That irks me to no end.  I just want to yell the thousands of not nice things in my head. I know real mature, It's my life, my garden and eventual my weeds and no one else's so there ya go. 

Right now the garden looks like this. Almost ready to plant.. Hahaha

With the baby due in March aka time to start sowing indoors I have decided not to start my own seedlings this year. I figured why add to my plate and have th extra responsibility if I don't need too. It makes me sad, but rather be sad now then overwhelmed later. Maybe.

Last year I was really disappointed with my seeds so I might try another company. The seedlings I started indoors turned out pretty good. However, just about everything I planted outside had horrible germination. The weather didn't help,  but I was still disappointed. For the second year in a row my tomatoes got blight. In 2014 I bought plants and this past year I grew from seed and still got blight. I'm going to try planting in the back garden this year and see if that makes a difference.

I am still going to do my plot system this year as it really seemed to work out the past few years. However I am thinking I might throw in a few more flower plots to make things pretty.

Lots of thinking

Take care


  1. Garden all you want. You only have one life to live, so do what makes you happy. Babies sleep better if they have some fresh air too!

  2. I can kill anything - even potatoes! So - my vote - plant! and plant some more. It'll be neat to see how it all goes this year. I predict a great growing season for all. (maybe a bit on a the dry side though - but warm enough). I'm going to plant my jade plant into a pot ... after 10yrs :)

  3. I am drooling over seed catalogue this week making final decisions. I purchase only every three years and buy plants for anything I forgot to get. Plants can get costly verses seeds. A thought.

    1. I think its been at least three years since i bought the majority of my seeds too. That might be why they didnt work out. I seed everything direct into the ground once it warms up. Tomatoes and cabbages would be the only plants I would buy or i would go

  4. Hey...that's what my garden looks like now too! :) Dreaming about & planning for this coming years garden is one of my favourite things.

    I know what you mean about what people say - so many people ask why I go to all that trouble, especially when things end up not turning out very well or when I go on about how swamped I am, etc. They just don't get the gardening bug, I guess!

    And that's a really good decision, to purchase seedlings this year. You will have so much on your plate already with a newborn and toddler - the added task of starting & taking care of seedlings right after the baby is born is definitely something you don't need!


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