Wip 20/01/16

This week was a bit better on the organization front, however it's hard having someone do things for you instead of doing them yourself. Don't get me wrong I love the help, but having everything put away or organized to someone else's taste means more work in the end. Basically it means taking everything back out and redoing it...arg

The big focus was getting the nursery cleaned up which was pretty easy. Only one box made it down to the craft room and that was a mistake so it was easy to remove. As you can see it's a bit better in the craft room. Still a hot mess but slightly better. Hopefully mr. P can help move out the hutch this week. I was able to organize a few wips into craft boxes.

Current progress
Still slow. However I did get the fabric and batting cut out for my coffee machine mat. It was hard to get me big pregnant belly behind that hutch to my cutting mat...lol  my chair is still stuck back there so I was unable to do any sewing. Hopefully tonight though! Should be easy once I get going.

Current WIP
We bee learning jan to june 2013: Snails Trail quilt: Goal to get quilt top done, Get backing done and start quilting
2. We Bee Learning Greek Cross Block: Needs border
3. Classic Paint Box: Cut and sew together 52 more blocks
2016 Sewing Mission Statement
Every stitch counts. I would like to spend at least 15mins a day sewing or at the very 
Least 15 mins a day in my sewing room...lol
No Progress List

we bee learning july-dec 2013: Goal to get quilts top done
Countless orphan "hop blocks" 20+
We bee learning 2012 group 2- I am still stuck on a second border for this one. I tried out a bunch of colours again and hate everything....Might just go with white
July 2011 BOM- I have made some progress, but forgot to take a pic!
Wonky Bee quilt: thinking
Bee Creative bee quilt: I only received blocks from 2 people so this quilt is on hold
International stashes: I need to sew blocks together and quilt.
Christmas qal quilt: sandwich and quilt
Fall Wall Hanging-I have started to do a bit of the embroidery
Sew Happy Geek QAL- Blocks  9,10,11 and 12 still need to be done
Table runner- I have pieced this sucker together. Now I just need to get the backing on and quilt it
We Bee Learning group one Quilt- The grey fabric for my sashing came in. Now I need to get to work
2011 BOM- Since it is 2013 you can see I am a bit behind on this one. July-dec still need to be done

Completed Projects 2015
1. Baby Quilt: Finished Feb 4th 2015 Here
2. Baby soft Blocks Finished March 2015

I am linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced and The Needle and Thread Network. As well as at Let's Bee Social over at sew fresh quilts. Please check out these sites and see what everyone else is working on too!

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  1. It's such a great idea to post your progress every week. It seems like a good way to maintain focus. I should try something like that...maybe I'd get more done!

  2. Progress is progress! :) I can see a difference!! Keep at it! It'll probably be so nice for you to have it all organized again!

  3. Reorganizing takes me so much time; I'm glad I'm not the only one! I'm happy that you're making progress on your coffee mat.

    Thank you for posting to TN&TN's WIP Wednesday!

    1. At this rate I might be posting the same thing again in 2017....lol

  4. HI Mrs. Pickles, I'm retutning the visit:) Hey I think you've made great progress since the previous post. HOw exciting to find out your are due in two monthes. Yes,,enjoy those naps while you can:)


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