Use it or lose it

One of my goals for 2016 is to get back on the blogging bandwagon. I do miss it and the whole blogging community. I just have to clear away to the computer and (obviously my 2016 goal should be to clean up )

So to help me out I am starting up my use it or lose it posts again. What was that all about again you ask. Well basically it's a way to get me to use up all the food I canned or froze from the garden before you guessed it I lose it. Well technically before it goes bad I shouldn't physically lose 
I'm going to try an apply this to item in my fridge and pantry too.

This week I used up

Flour to make fresh bread

We ate one loaf right away with our cheese fondue and the other one went to the freezer to await the same fate another day. Yummy!!! 
I used my mil recipe but did a 60/40 ratio to white and multi grain flour. It turned out quite well. For as often as I use this recipe it always surprises me. Sometimes the dough rises in the oven, sometimes not. This time it got pretty huge and I could have made four loaves. Oh well still yummy!

You are likely thinking, oh boy, flour how hard is that to use up. Not too hard I guess, however, after our wormy flour incident a few years back I try my best not to let it sit too long.

I didn't do too well at using anything from my garden preserves. Something's better than nothing.
1 bag frozen green beans
1 jar pasta sauce

Thanks for tuning in


  1. I don't recall your wormy flour incident, and so this might be off base, but I keep a bay leaf in my flour and that keeps the bugs out. Don't ask me just works.

  2. My freezer is jam packed & I'm trying to go through it as well. It's going, but very, very slowly. I'm actually thinking I may need to set a goal of some sort such as use up a certain number of packets per week. I'll have to speed things up if I want to have room for this coming years harvests!


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