Thursdays Kitchen Cupboard

Here we are at that time of the week again Thursdays Kitchen Cupboard. I will be linking up over at The Gardener or Eden's site.

 I haven’t been doing as much preserving as I should. I am not sure what is going on this year, but I am just too tired to get anything done. However, I have been trying to get a bit done when I can.

Mr. Pickles picked me a big ole bag full of cucumbers and I turned them into dill slices. I like that it doesn’t take much to make these, but not too thrilled that I have to process them..Still too hot here for that..LOL

Mr.P picked another 10 or so pounds of cukes last night so I am sure I will be making a few more pickles this year.

I also got some of my broad beans picked, blanched and froze. It sure is a pain in the butt to shell those little buggers. I must say though I am happy that I left them on a little longer since the larger beans are oh so yummy!

 They were so yummy after blanching that I kept snacking on them!!

 I ended up with 4 bags with 2 cups each. I should have enough beans out in the garden to get a couple more bags or at least enough for a few more fresh feedings.

Tonight I am going to try and get my cauliflower in the freezer as well as some cabbage. I read online that you can cut up cabbage and freeze it to use in soups. I am going to give it a try and see what happens.

I hope everyone else is doing great


  1. Oh, I love dill pickles and all the processing - no cukes here this year as too dry. I admire all your 'gatherings'!

  2. Perhaps MRS. Pickles should teach the MR. Pickles how to do some canning so when SHE doesn't feel well, HE can do some work-LOL!

  3. Those broad beans are really time consuming to do....but, they are oh so good!

    I'm with Sue.....I think it time for some canning lessons for MrP!!!

  4. I hope you can freeze cabbage because I was thinking of freezing some. I guess I will try it to!!

  5. You definitely convinced me to try growing broad beans next year. That looks so yummy!!

  6. It all takes time and energy to get everything stashed away for winter and I find I am getting slower at it as I get older.

    I have been freezing cabbage for years. I even like it just reheated and put into a cheese sauce for a side after it has been frozen.

  7. TS- You should they are so yummy!!

    Wilderness- glad to hear that you freeze cabbage I am going to do that right now!!


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