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Well it has been another one of those weeks were I realize that I forgot to take pictures of everything we ate..LOL oh well it is what it is. Two of the dishes that I used fresh veggies in were Bruschetta where I used basil, parsley, tomatoes and onion. The other dish was stir fried veggies were I added some pak choi. Both were very yummy!

I was also able to get a bit of preserving done in the past week. I cut all my spinach and got 5 4oz bags. It’s about ready to cut again so I am looking forward to freezing some more!

Mr. Pickles brought home some of his sour cherries from the farm and they were so good and soooo sour!. Last year I pitted everything with a straw, which took forever. This past Christmas Mr.P bought me a cherry pitter and it worked like a dream!!! Okay it worked pretty good there were still quite a few cherries I bit down on and bit a pit...OUCH!

After last year’s disappointment in making sour cherry pie filling I decided to just make sour cherry fruit. I raw packed the cherries into jars, poured a heavy syrup solution on them and then processed. We ended up with 18 jars! 

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  1. That is a lot of cherries to can. I remember my mother with her cherry pitter. We had the same problem. Most were fine, but occasionally one would get through unpitted.

  2. If only there were a foolproof method of pitting cherries. It is a boring job-those gadgets make it more bearable, but ouch, those pits!

  3. I can't imagine pitting all those cherries with a straw! Wow!

    They look so pretty in the jars, I'd be tempted to keep them out on the counter somewhere!

  4. Oh you lucky gal to have all those cherries!! Looks wonderful!


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