Week 11/12

It’s sad to say but we are nearing the end of the garden. It is hard to believe that it will be September on Saturday!! They are calling for our first frost to be September 7th so that could mean that the garden is done in just over a week....WOW. I hope that is not the case as my tomatoes are nowhere near being ready and I am not ready for fall to start!

Okay enough silly talk let’s take a look at the garden at week 11/12

Here is the main garden. 
Not a lot of changes. Looking at last year everything is now a good 3 weeks behind where it was last year. I am not too happy about that, but at least it gives me time to work on some sewing as everything starts to ripen
The sunflowers are still towering over the garden. Well that was until the wind storm we had on Saturday. 
However, they are still lovely!

The cauliflower and broccoli that I planted from seed are a little slow and nothing is starting yet.

The potatoes may be a bust. We dug up one plant and got 4 potatoes. They should be ready as we are past the 90 day mark.

The mixed plot of lettuce, beets, kohlrabi, spinach and carrots is doing well. The lettuce is done for the year. It hasn’t started to bolt yet so I am going to leave it and continue to harvest a few leaves when we need it
The spinach is all done. It was great on Friday and then after the little storm everything tuned yellow. Very disappointing since we hardly ate/preserved any of it!!!

The volunteer cherry tomatoes have really taken over this section. I am leaving them since they keep the weeds down, but won’t bother covering them when the frost hits.

The tomatoes are still doing okay. They are slowly ripening and I see a lot of canning in the next week!!

 The eggplants are not doing anything and I am thinking we won’t be having them this year. I am saddened by that since I started the seed back in March...they should be ready now!
I started the peppers at the same time and guess what.....we have peppers!!

The peas are just about done as are the beans. I am going to pick the rest of both over the next few days, the soy beans are not doing much either and I don’t see us having any this year either

The cucumbers continue to grow . Look at this bug sucker holding on!

This poor guy got stuck...LOL

The new garden is still doing well. However, I don’t think there will be any pumpkins or spaghetti squash this year. My aunt said that her pumpkin only had done female flower this year. I didn’t check mine so I may have encountered the dame problem.

So there is week 11 and 12! 
have a great day


  1. Time sure flies!! It seems like last week you were showing us your little sprouts!

  2. What Flo said! It's miraculous that you grow and harvest as much as you do with such a short growing season. Thankfully, I still have about 45 days left to grow the tender crops, longer for the cold hardy ones.

  3. This summer has gone way to fast. I didn't plant very much this year but we did fairly good. I have a bumper crop of Swiss chard...you can eat only so much chard:) I have lots of tomatoes but most are still green so hopefully we get a bit more good weather.

  4. Wow your vegetables do look good! I have 4 tomato plants this year; 1 cherry tomato plant and 4 Early Girls........I have only had a few red tomatoes on the cherry plant...lots of green ones still.........Maybe I need to make some of those famous "fried green tomatoes"!

  5. I think this summer has been a disappointing veg summer for a lot of us. I got zucchini and cucumbers but that's it. Nothing on my eggpland and capsicum plants. And I only just got some tiny tomato fruits a couple of weeks ago. Very few and no way they'll grow and ripen in time. Here's hoping all yours ripen before the frost

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment on my quilts....I appreciate it. Your garden looks fantastic!! I am just about finished with ours here....the peas,beans,and carrots are in the freezer...cucumbers are all pickled or eaten except a few. tomatoes are just about done too. They won't ripen on the vine here...maybe a few will. but they tend to rot/ So I bring them in to ripen.

  7. It was a funny (not ha-ha) year for a lot of things. NEXT YEAR will be better!


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