Week 10

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Week 10 what the heck!!!! Wow the weeks just fly by don’t they?

The garden is still doing great. It is behind about 2 weeks over last year. However, I ended up planting it two weeks later and the weather hasn’t been that great lately. So let’s just say everything is behind except for the plants I started indoors they of course are ahead of schedule...lol

I didn’t take a week 10 photo of the main garden since it looks exactly the same every week...lol

Some of the highlights are

My cucumbers continue to grow on the trellises

The broad beans are getting bigger

The cabbages are HUGE

Okay they look smaller in the photo, but I would say they are about 4 pounds each

This is the last of the early cauliflower

And the tomatoes are big producers this year. full of LARGE fruit!

Nothing is ripe yet, but everything has outgrown their cages.

The zucchini are looking a little sickly, but they should still be okay

First hot pepper of the season

Here is a picture of the new garden. As you can see the pumpkin and squash are growing like crazy.

The cabbage is doing well over here...except for this one that split. I am going to use it today

The spaghetti squash are getting a little mildew action I hope that doesn’t stop growth

I haven’t been able to find a pumpkin yet, but there are quite a few little squash

Today I have a little garden helper. Usually she goes to the farm with Mr.Pickles, but today he is doing field work and Oma is in the city so Zada would be at the farm alone. So far she had almost ran away twice and is now crying in the house as I type this.

 Have a great day


  1. The cabbage looks lovely. I hope my fall cabbages have time to mature. I'm not so sure about the longer ones.

  2. I can't get over that cauliflower. I had mine in for 16 weeks and got nothing! Nice cabbages, too. I grew all dwarf varieties this year, 2 pounds or less. They're a nice refrigerator size and good for two people, but if I'm going to make sauerkraut in the future I'll go back to growing larger varieties.

  3. Always jealous of people who can grow cabbages and cauliflower:)

  4. Everything is looking SO GOOD. The cabbage are impressive---coleslaw on the horizon?

  5. Random- I am surprised every year they come up...LOL


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