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Last month I came across just as Rosie was starting up the next Blog Angels sign up.

As Rosie explains "Blog Angels is a project which started in order for lovely blogging folk to help someone else out"

I thought that sounded pretty neat. Basically what happens is you get assigned a blog that has requested help with their blog in some way comments, design, guest posting and so on. For the first 15 days of the month you secretly view their blog and try to do as they requested. On day 15 you write a post revealing who you are helping, link up over at and then you can really start to be a helpful blog angel. At the end of the month we all link up again talking about our experience.

The blog I was assigned was....
Ana from

I am Looking forward to seeing how I can help her out in the next two weeks as well as finding out who my Angel is :)


  1. That sound right helpful to all new bloggers. I notice that your blog page has a new look. Did you do it?

  2. I am Cambrie, over at "A Creative Blonde." Well, here it is. I am your Blog Angel!!

    So nice to be able to reveal myself :) Hope you have a great day!

    -Cambrie XOXO


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