Thursday’s kitchen cupboard

Well it is that time of the week again... Thursday’s kitchen cupboard time. 

I am still processing my tomatoes. I only have 70lbs left in the house to work with and then another 50lbs in the eeeek!

I was able to make 10 500ml jars of salsa. This one is a bit milder than my first batch, I also added the correct amount of tomato paste so it is thicker too!

I also used my pressure canner for the first time this year and ended up with 6 1Ljars of whole tomatoes. I always feel like I stuff the heck out of the jars and still end up with space after Oh well 20 tomatoes per jar is pretty good. Even though it looks like there are 5 per jar now...LOL

So Now I am left with 50lbs of tomatoes in the house that are slowly I think I am going to see if there are enough ripe ones to makes some more tomato sauce. We used one of this year’s tomato sauce (the one I couldn’t process) and it was oh so good. So I don’t think the 9 jars is going to be enough for the


  1. I wouldn't think 9 jars would be anywhere close to enough. But any you have is good. So much better than the stuff from the store.

  2. You are so lucky you had that many to can! After my poor tomato production, I went the the store and bought a case of diced tomatoes on sale. I think they came to only 53 cents a can, so I guess that's not so bad. At least I ended up with enough sauce, ketchup and chili sauce to last the winter, even if I only got about a half dozen pints of tomatoes.

  3. How wonderful that you can your vegetables. I love tomatoes! Your jars look beautiful. Great accomplishment. I used to make preserved fruit but since I was the only one that enjoyed them, I quit doing that but I remember how great it felt to see those pretty jars.

  4. Num, num, num :)
    Sounds like a good idea to make more tomato sauce. And if you're looking for more ideas of what to do with your tomatoes, how about a nice tomato and chilli relish? Very yummy on cheese sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs :)


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