Friday Night Sew In Results

Handmade by Heidi

I really do find that every time I sign up for something that involves me spending time in my sewing room God seems to have other plans for me. That was very true for this Friday. Sit down for a bit and let me tell you what happened.

On Thursday morning my grandmother was taken to her local hospital since her blood pressure was very low and her heart rate was very fast. Later on in the day she was doing well and then out of the blue she was doing poorly yet again. By supper time the doctor had finally arrived and gave the family the bad news that she had an infection that went septic and she was not likely to live the night. My dad luckily was already down in the area near my grandma when this all happened. However, my mom Mr.P and myself were all still up here. We wanted to be able to say good bye so we packed quickly, picked Mr.P up from work in the city and drove the 3.5hours down to see my Grandma.

When we arrived it was late and she was asleep and all we could do was think WTF how can she be fine one day and dying the next. She did wake up that evening and we were able to say good bye and wouldn’t you know it she was alert, talking back and although tired looking okay. She survived the night and the next day the family gathered at the hospital to say good bye. She was told by her children what was going on and that she was dying, however she told them she was going to fight this since she wasn’t ready to go yet. For the whole day she talked to visitors and wouldn’t take a nap. Mr.P and I got to have a little visit on our own and then we decided we should come back to the city last night as she was doing a bit better. I said my final good bye and my heart broke into a million pieces since I wasn’t ready to let her go.

Well fast forward to today. She is out of bed, white blood cells count back to normal, blood pressure back to normal and no fever. If you don’t believe in the power or prayer and miracles I can tell you that sometimes miracles do happen. Now she is 83 and more than likely this scare was God’s way of letting us be able to say good bye on our own terms and preparing us all for what is about to come. It’s cruel in one way, but on the other hand knowing that something is likely to happen is better than it suddenly happening. My heart is still broken and I ball like a baby every time I let myself think about life without her. However I was given my chance to let her know how much I love her. I was able to say good bye and nothing can take that away no matter what happens now.

So there you go long story short we only got back last night after 10 and I didn’t have any time to sew. I had some free time to sew today and got a few things done.


  1. Many blessing and prayers go out to you and her. My dad did the same thing to us on more than one occassion - the stubborn dutchman in him, he said.

  2. What a feisty gal! She said it was not time! :o) I pray she stays well!
    I love the star and great hexis!

  3. Time and life is very precious and you are fortunate to have had the opportunity to see her face to face and show her your love with feelings and words. Blessings to you and your family...

  4. I'm glad you had the opportunity to tell your Grandmother how much love you feel for her. No matter how much we realize the inevitability of losing those we love it will never be easy. I am glad God gave you more time with her.

  5. I am sorry you have had such a roller coaster ride! I guess it just reimds us to cherish every moment!

  6. Thinking of you and your dear grandma.

  7. Spending time with her was way more important than sewing. So glad that eventhough she is better, that you got to let her know how you feel. It's the loved ones that are taken away suddenly that are harder to let go.

  8. A lovely happy ending. My mum is 84 and she enjoys each day as it comes.It is difficult when circumstances remind us of their mortality. It is nice that you had some special time with her. So often we put off saying tender things. Glad you got some sewing done. That is also good for the soul.

  9. Glad to hear she's doing much better.
    I know exactly how felt, saying that last goodbye and leaving her. My heart broke when I had to do it too. I'm glad you've been given more time with her


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