Christmas Qal post II

Sometimes I think that this QAL should be called the quilt along of best

The good news Mr.Pickles called me this afternoon and said that he is going to be coming home this evening. He originally was going to have to be gone for another week so that was really GREAT news.

 However, that meant that I had to go to town and get some shopping done so he will have something to take for lunches this week. That also meant that I had clean the house a bit...

To top that all off the Saskatchewan Roughriders are playing today. I was hoping to get my sewing done before kick off at 2....but that didn't happen.

I did however get a few blocks done. I am sewing 4 blocks together to make one large block. I find this helps me get my seams to match up better. I got three done and three more to half time...LOL


  1. Yay for Mr P coming home early. Guess that's worth the time lst to shopping and cleaning :)

  2. lol! I swear...I never having anything to do...ever...until this year and every Saturday we've had our quilt along. Today was the first day I got to play and I didn't even get to work on my Christmas things! lol

  3. Your Christmas quilt is looking lovely. I haven't had touched mine is forever now.

  4. What a lovely surprise for you that Mr P is coming home a whole week early.

    The quilt is looking good.

  5. DH home arriving home early! Now there is a perfect excuse for skipping sewing all together, but good for you getting this three perfectly perky blocks finished on top of everything else.


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