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Right now we are having a bit of unusually warm weather here in Saskatchewan, the day time high is normally around the -20C and this week we are going to be hitting above zero. It makes for a nice break and causes me to start thinking about the garden.

This is the garden right now….lovely, eh 

Are you thinking...umm all i see is white where is the garden? Well it's under a good couple of feet of snow in between the trees. Really I swear i'ts

My plan was to start seeds indoor this year again, however we are going on a little vacation this spring which makes it a little hard to have seedlings sitting around. My mother in law took care of my seedlings at her home a few years ago, so I might just have her do that again.

I am not sure what exactly I want to start indoors this year. Tomatoes for sure and cabbages and maybe basil since it seems to be hard to find at the greenhouses when I need it. I might start some flowers this year to. I usually grow petunias that I buy for cheap at Costco, but we’ll see.

So basically what I am telling myself with this post is that I need to plan out the 2015 garden and then go from there….so off to do that!

Have a great Day


  1. We no longer do a garden, but I do keep a couple of patio tomatos and a few herbs mixed in the flower beds - love fresh herbs.

  2. I wish I new how to garden, even house plants died with my black thump. Good luck on the planning.

  3. It's hard to imagine a lush garden out there right now.

  4. We are having a warmer than usual winter here as well.


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