Tutu Time

I decided for Lil Pickles 1st birthday that in addition to finishing her quilt I wanted to make her a tutu. I found a few simple tutorials online and adapted them to suite what I wanted to make. 

I elected to go for aqua and silver since I love those 2 colours together. I originally put two shades of pink into the shopping basket, but decided against it. Personally l love pink, but I always get “oh you dress her in pink” look when she wears pink so aqua won out.

 It’s also my favourite colour…so win win for me.

So I turned this

Into this

 My lovely Model
 (aka Teddy that I got way back in 1989)

It was really easy to put together. Next time I wouldn't use the glitter tulle as it is a lot stiffer and therefor the knots don;t look as neat. Also the glitter just falls off so it looks like a unicorn farted sparkles all over the house!

Sparkles on my cutting matt

Sparkles on the floor. Hard to see put there are A LOT

Sparkles on the chair

Right now as I type this out I am still covered in sparkles and I finished the tutu last week..lol

Have a sparkly day


  1. OMG Pickles I can not stop laughing!! 'A unicorn farted sparkles'!!! I LOVE it!! I cant believe it has been a year already!! Inconceivable!!!!
    Happy Birthday Lil Pickle!!

  2. Oh, a 1st Birthday - how sweet. I am still finding sparkles around the house from a project my SIL did over a year ago.

  3. best way to remove the sparkles from your cutting mat is a sticky roller

  4. You had me laughing out loud at the unicorn farting sprinkles!!! I can so relate to the glitter all over everything including Mr. C's meals. Creative Sprinkles Bliss...

  5. Very cute. Happy birthday to little sparkles!

  6. What a very sparkley post that was. Happy birthday to Miss Pickles. Hard to believe she's almost one year old now.


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