Use it or Lose is 16/1/15

Yep I'm still keeping at this and for the most part succeeding

Lets see what did I bring up from the freezer

3 bags of spinach
4 bags of green beans
3 bags of broccoli
1 bag of puréed kohlrabi
1 3lbs beef roast
1 1lbs bag of ground beef

From the cold room
5 onions
15 potatoes
2 jars of tomatoes

The spinach was puréed to add to Lil pickles meals. She has decided she is a big girl and doesn't want to eat puréed food any more so puréeing foods is going to be thing of the sad
Green beans were cooked and then cut up into bite size pieces and portioned up for the week.
kohlrabi is just being used up at the rate of 2 cubes a day.

Lost it
Broccoli- I steamed it for 5 mins and when I opened up the pot I was surprised to find dark brown broccoli. I tasted it and it tasted a little strange. I didn't want to risk giving it to Lil Pickle so it was tossed.
Cabbage- this was still hanging out in the fridge from the summer.....It looked fine but was limp and tasted like fridge so it was thrown out.

With all the happened over the holiday's I wasn't sticking to my gluten free diet and have been paying the price. Stuffy nose, migraines, sore joints. Today I got back on the wagon and then forgot and made pasta for Oh well there is always tomorrow!

Take care


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