The Christmas that never happened

At 230am on Christmas eve My husband had what appeared to be a seizure to me at least. He had two previous episodes on the day after our daughter was born and another in October. The previous 2times he was told it was a vasovagal "attack" and everything was fine. He went through a lot of tests and everything came back fine. So he wouldn't let me call 911 when it happened on the 24th at 2:30am

 At 4am it happened again but in bed and not as bad as the first one. Again wouldn't let me call 911.

At 8am it happened again while he was walking back to our bedroom. He passed out and fell onto the bed on top of me in what seemed like a seizure. I was able to get free and bring him back around. But this time he was too weak to get up so he allowed me to call 911.

The medic agreed it sounded like a seizure and off to the nearest hospital he went with me close behind in the car. Luckily my mother made it to our place just as the ambulance arrived so she stayed with the baby.  By 12pm he still wasn't feeling himself and the er doc suggested we go to the hospital in the city so they could do an eeg and Mri. He assured us we would get in quickly since he knew the neurologist on call and gave us a letter to help fast track the process.

We got emerg in the city by 2pm and he was still feeling sick and dizzy, we both had the flu so that didn't help matters. He got in for a cat scan by 4pm and by 6 we finally saw a Dr or a 3rd year resident at least and he said we couldn't go home since marc was still out of it. Likely from the meds given to him but they felt he was too weak to go home and were afraid he might have another seizure. Also they needed to do an eeg, mri  scan before the could let him go....but the mri was closed becuase it was Christmas?!? So our Christmas eve celebrations were cancelled. They loaded Marc full of meds and said he'd get a room soon. His vitals were going crazy and by 9pm he still didn't have a room. I didn't want to leave him but lil pickle was at my mom's and didn't have any food for the next day in addition to refusing to sleep anywhre but in her own crib. So i had to leave him scared and druged out in the ER it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

How do you celebrate your daughter's 1st Christmas when daddy is sick in the don't. So other than me crying and saying I was so sorry lil pickle didn't have the magical Christmas morning we had been preparing for the past month. I was delirious myself from the flu, guilt and lack of sleep but come 8am marc started texting me begging me to come to the hospital.

It took me till 12pm to get to the hospital since i was so sick. But when i got there the poor guy is still in emergency and under quarenteen since he has the flu. After putting on a gown, mask and gloving up i'm allowed in to see him and he looks worse then the day before.Two more residents come in and say he just had fainting spells as the meds will wear off soon and we can go home. At 2pm we are still in ER and the actual neurologist comes in saying he feels they were defintanly seizures and maybe having a adverse reaction to the meds so before he gives him more he wants to run some blood work. Two hours later we find out he's still so sick because they gave him a near fatal dose of meds. Now that's not me saying that, that is the 1st year resident making a mistake and telling us because he was soo excited that "wow yeah your blood work showed a near fatal dose of the meds"... So still in hospital, because some idiot almost killed Marc. After complaining to the resident that we have spent 24hours in the ER we find out they forgot to admit him the night before so no one knew he needed a bed. Finally at 630pm on the 25th he gets a bed in the hospital.

 On the 26th still overdosed on meds so they won't let him leave until the Dr says it's okay. But the Dr never shows up. At 7pm they says okay u can have a day pass come back for midnight. But we leave 45mins away so there was no point in leaving. Marc was so crushed that we spent a good hour just crying.

On the 27th at 4am my mother who has been sleeping on our couch call out to me that she needs help. I go running to find her pale and holding her chest. She says she feels sick and has shooting pain running down her left arm. So I call 911 for the 2nd time in a few days and they send out another ambulance. The figure it was just a panic attack from being exhausted and she doesn't have to go to the hospital. I sent her home for the day and told my mother in law she would have to go and sit with Marc in the hospital until at least 4 and then i would go. Marc was disappointed but okay with in and then around noon the resident on call came into see him and said he could have a day pass. My brother in law went to pick him up and daddy came come. At 6pm the hospital called us and said there was such a back log on the MRI that they might as well just send Marc home. So we had to drice back into the city to discharge Marc, find a drugstore that was open to get his meds and drive back at 11pm on the 27th Marc still weak, dizzy and having the flu go to come home.

So it was a hard few days. Our poor daughter missed out on her 1st Christmas, never got to see any of the family that were so excited to see her including my 86 year old grandmother that lives 3.5hrs away. I know she doesn't know she missed out, but we do and it hurts a lot.

We had Christmas eve on Dec 31st at my mom's and then had Christmas morning here at our house on the 1st. It was still exciting like real Christmas, but Marc and I still cried a lot both days. I know in the grand scheme of things having him be save and at home far outweighs missing celebrating Christmas, but it still hurts. You just want everything to be perfect for your kids and we already messed that up.

Marc is doing better, no seizures since the 24th. On the morning of the 31st we thought it was happening again, but it passed as it did last night as well. So still no real answers and he loses his lience fro 3 months. Its going to be hard having to dive him the city and home everyday, but we'll manage.

Thanks for listening to my rant I had to get it out as it was festering and driving me crazy


  1. I'm so sorry to hear everything your family has been going through and hope that your husband is 100% soon. It does not sound like a good hospital experience. I can see why you've been scared. Hoping that your husband is put in the right doctors hands very soon. Sending you all a hug.

  2. Oh my goodness! I am so very sorry that Christmas was so awful I hope someone figures out what is wrong soon. Hugs all around!

  3. Oh wow... sorry to hear your went through all of that but am glad you're both doing better.

  4. Oh, so many gentle hugs for you all.

  5. OMG, what an awful time you've had. I hope everything gets sorted out soon and you find out what is behind your husband's seizures. Will you be complaining about the way the hospital messed up?

  6. Oh my you certainly have had your hands full with all of this and I'm so, so sorry. I too hope that answers are found soon so that your life can return to normal. Big hugs.

  7. Good grief. That is no way to spend the holiday. Hope things improve soon. Don't be so hard on yourself. That helps no one.

  8. Lordy you both are resilient, Thank God! What an incredible first Christmas for your little one to hear of in all the years to come forever after. It like a little Christmas miracle of her very own that both Mom, Dad and Grandma are well and present in her life to enjoy all her future Christmases. She doesn't know the difference now and you and hubby know personally how much good health is the best gift of all.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  9. honey my daughter had almost the same thing happen to her, Dr. took her off a sleeping pills cold turkey and her soduim dropped and she had them at work. The nurse at the hospital said that medicine does that to people. Why do Dr.s do that

  10. Oh goodness. What a time you have had. I hope all will be fine soon.

  11. Did they ever end up getting him the eeg and MRI? I know his scathe siezures can be! (You know ar deal with them with our Lil all the time) what mess did they send him home on!?
    I pray you get your answers and that the new year brings health to your family! Be strong and never worry about sharing with us! Believe it or not our little bloggy community cares for one another!

  12. Worst Christmas ever! You, Marc, and Lil Pickle are in my prayers.

  13. I'm so sorry to hear all this. The treatment at the hospital was appalling!
    I'm glad you ended up having your xmas, even if it was delayed. But I understand how you'd feel upset.
    Hope Marc is doing better now.


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