Thursday, 27 August 2015

Some preserving

well this little bun in the oven really has me out of sorts this time around. In addition to letting just about everything else in my life slide so has my blog. Don't you hate when real life gets in the

We started our kitchen renovation on Monday so I've been hiding out at my moms with little pickle during the day. So far we are four days in and things are so so. I'm hoping everything stays on track.

Before our renos started I did get a bit of preserving done. A 16 500ml jars of saskatoons, 13 500ml jars sour cherries 8 1L jars of sourkraut and 32lbs of beans!!  I can't find the pics of the saskatoons or cabbage so I'll have to repost them.
Okay my iPad and blogger have decided not to play well together now. So that's all for today!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Still Here!!


I'm alive!! No worries nothing serious has happened to me. I have just been doing a little baking and this time around I am beyond nauseous and tired so believe it or not this is the first time I have turned on my computer in 9 weeks. I haven't even paid bills for two months....ooopppps

So here is a little garden update and my first harvest report of 2015. I am linking up to Harvest Monday's over at Daphne's Dandelions. Please check her site out for harvests from around the world!

Mr.P and my mom have really been helping out a lot and it looks great!!!

back garden a few weeks ago. squash are going slowly

Main garden is going great

Okay and onto a little harvesting!!!

Sour Cherries

Early Girl Tomatoes 1.2kg

 Lettuce 125g
Basil 50g

 Russet Potaotes 4kg

 I couldn't find my scale so these were picked and just eaten! I have picked a lot of peas but they keep hitting my tummy before the scale!!!

Saskatoon Berries 2.5kg

2015 Harvest Totals

Saskatoon Berries 2.5kg
Russet Potaotes 4kg
Lettuce 125g
Basil 50g
Early Girl Tomatoes 1.2kg
Sour Cherries  6kg

Grand total to date 13.8kg

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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Garden report 16/06/15

Although its been pretty darn dry here the garden is still doing pretty good. My potatoes are finally making an appearance and just about everything else is up and doing well...but patchy. Even though we have been watering using the back well it's still pretty dry. Its keeping the weeds down though so that works too I

 I am going to have to reseed 1 plot of peas as nothing has come up. All the other pea plots look like this
Okay not quite like this, this one is a bit patchy now that I look at For the most part they are doing better

The onions are a bit patchy too. 

Beans are fairing well, but again patchy

I am going to have to reseed all of my beets. Only 1 plant came up out of two plots. So I will reseed tonight with a new seed packet and see what happens. Something also ate all my kohlrabi so those will be reseed as well.

The tomatoes and cabbage are doing great. I got 5 extra tomato plants from my MIL to fill in the gaps for the 2 that didn't survive the transplant and the 3 I ended up being short.

Our pesky fox neighbours are back again this year wreaking havoc. They have eaten/dug up my one and only pumpkin, one melon and one butternut. I hope they leave the rest and move away.

We also got the crate from Mr.P's work all done and planted. We plan on fabing up a liner next year so the whole top will be soil. This year I just used planters. I have three types of lettuce and basil growing alongside some flowers. I also have a container of spinach growing, but not in this pic 

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