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Harvest Monday June 18

I'm very happy to say the garden is all in and for the most part doing quite well. We are having some germination issues in the back garden along with flea beetles! Argggg. I am hoping to get my floating covers on this week and that should help with the cabbage. I seeded cucumbers for the 3rd time this summer. Lets hope they take or mrs. Pickles won't have any pickles!!
Happy cabbage

Im also having some issues with my tomatoes. My mil was baby sitting the seedlings this year and they got rather tall. Add in a very windy two weeks and they look rather sad. Im not sure they will produce this year.

I am very happy to have made a little harvest this week so i can join harvest monday. Its been a few years and it feel good to be back.
I brought in a little rhubarb and made a yummy tart. If you haven't checked out harvest mondays over at Our happy acres. Please do

2018 harvest totals  Rhubarb     300g

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