Friday, 13 November 2015

Tomato woes

Well here it is in the middle of November and I'm still waiting on my tomatoes to ripen. I have them out in the back garage. It's likely too cool out there, however, as soon as I bring them in they go to bleep. The start to turn orange and then before they get nice and red they get spots and then turn moldy

I was able to save a few from another box and made a bit of salsa. I followed a new recipe and it's too sweet and the apple cider vinegar made it pretty tangy. However at least I was able to make something.

I have 4 more boxes out back that are just starting to turn. I'm not sure what will happen with them. I would like to make a few jars of whole tomatoes, but I don't see that happening. It's rather depressing to grow them from seed and then wait this long for them to turn to

Have a great day
Mrs pickles 

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Quilt show

Every two years the Saskatoon Quilt Guild holds a quilt show. My mother an I have attend two and were ever so excited to attend last Friday. I had saved up some money and was prepared to hit the market after we saw the quilts and I'll be honest I was pretty excited about spending my

Mr.P ended up being out of town so we had to take lil pickle with us. She was a trooper and even picked out a few of her favourites too. However, I felt a little let down by the show. Most of the quilts were okay, but not the show stoppers like the first two times we went. Maybe that has something to do with having more quilting experience or this year just wasn't our cup of tea. I didn't take any pictures of the winning quilts because I preferred others more and I don't want to insult anyone's hard work cause my cup of tea or not the work that goes into all the quilts in the show is still amazing!!
here are two of my favourites from the event

Labyrinth walk made by Aileen Handyside
I loved that it actually made you think you could go up and drop a ball into the maze

This quilt caught my eye right away since this pattern is on my to do list. Loved the colours too
Counting start made by Heather Acton and quilted by Lisa Hancheroff

And now is the part where I would normally show you All the goodies I bought, however, both my mother and I went home empty handed. We even went through the stalls twice. There were some good deals on FQ's but I have enough at home waiting to be used so we didn't look. I wanted to get a kit for crib quilt for the new baby. However kits in general were slim pickings. I did find one...$200 for a crib quilt....not including batting and backing!! Even my favourite shop from out of province only brought their ugly on a whole the prices were crazy and the selection slim. 

So we left the show disappointed and I'll be honest I don't think we will go when it's back in 2017

Thursday, 8 October 2015

No WIP and dealing with idiots

We are still in the middle of kitchen reno's so there has been absolutely no sewing going on in my craft room. Just incase you are thinking..what you should still have time to sew....well it would be impossible
This is what my craftroom currently looks like. Yep its full of  things from the kitchen, living room and office (which became our makeshift kitchen)
The end is in site for our reno's, maybe. The contractor is the biggest most incompetent idiot out there. There have been mistake on top of mistakes on top of disasters. One of the last things he had to do was install our new door. He proudly texted me a pic last night and I was horrified to see it was the wrong freaking door!!! We confirmed the door three times before he ordered it and it still ends up being the wrong one. I feel like with the reno we are spending a lot of money to have to keep settling for his screwups. I can live with the door, but only if he gives of 50% off. I think that is fair considering the cost of labour he would be out taking it out and putting in the right one.
To top things off this week (the door was the least of the mistakes this week) the electrician calls me and says he goofed and accidentally broke our new cabinet interior. He can glue it back together and the only thing in that part is the garbage can, but again we have to settle for a screw up.
It's been a rough 6 weeks having this idiot destroy our house.So far everything has been fixable and things that cannot be fixed (like the huge dent he put in my stove, hole in my wood floor and scratched windows) will have to be minused from the total. Its just been hard going home every night and crying over how he has treated our house. Then i get to stress out all night worrying about having to confront him each morning, while holding a screaming toddler and dealing with morning sickness.
God give me strength to get through this!
Okay enough whining, thanks for listening. I needed to get that out!!
Have a great day