Saturday, 31 March 2012

NewFO March

Wow can you believe it is March 31st already!!! Well you should because it is!
As you may recall I am taking part in the NewFo challenge over at CatPatches. For this challenge all you have to do is start something new. You do not have to finish it; just start something new to create a few Unfinished Objects of UFO’s as they are known in the quilting community.

I didn’t start a whole heck of a lot for myself this month something that I am trying to change. However I did get my St.Patty’s day mini started. I have shown it a few times so you can see it HERE.

I also started the mystery quilt for the Christmas 2012 quilt a long that you can read about HERE

So there you go not a whole lot now is it. I think I need to make a list of projects I would like to start. I remember typing one out but I cannot seem to find it on my blog...I think that is a sign that I post too often...LOL Nonetheless I have picked out what my  newFO for April is going to be....I am going to start working on my framed Pinwheel quilt. For group two of the We BeeLearning Bee I asked everyone to make me a framed pinwheel and now that all of the blocks have come in I am going to start working on it. I have made the decision to not use sashing as I think it will take away from the pinwheels, but I am still undecided on a I am asking for your help which do you think works best.

Option one. I just layed them down randomly

Option 2 I put some thought into it

Option 3 colours on the diagonal

Option 4 colours in rows

I also had two lovely ladies (Jody and Nita) send me extra squares. So Should I use them in the backing of make 2 more of my own to go with them in the quilt? If so what colours?

I hope everyone is having a lovely week-end and make sure you head on over to Cat Patches to see what else everyone has started! 

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thursdays thoughts

Today is Thursday kitchen cupboard over at The gardener of Eden’s blog. I don’t really have anything to share this week, but I encourage you to go over and take a look at what is going on in kitchen around the world!

So instead of playing in the kitchen what have I been doing you ask....well not much of anything. I have been blessed with a 3 day migraine again which has brought me to me knees and therefore limited a lot of what I have wanted to do. My big plan was to start my seeds yesterday, but that didn’t happen. Oh well as long as I get my butt into gear this week or at least make Mr. Pickles do it all should be okay.

So since I don’t have a lot to say today I thought I would just leave you with this strange picture.

That is spinach growing in my garden?!!?? I planted the seeds last June in hopes to get a second spinach crop. They never came up, I tilled them over, we had winter where the temps hit -54C at one time and the little buggers came up! Very strange!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

WIP Wednesday 28/03/2012

So it is that time of the week again to show you all what I have been up to, what I can cross off my to-do list and what still needs to get done. I have for the most part shown everything already in the past few days however since this will be the last WIP of the month I am going to do a recap!

I am also linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced and @The Needle and Thread Network.  Make sure you hop on over there and see what everyone else is working on too.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly PiecedRight Click to Save Image

Things I got done for March

We Bee Learning group one block for Brandie- A wonky star. Done and Mailed

We Bee Learning group two block for Tara- Starflower block –Done and Mailed

Bee Creative 2012 block for Erin- Scrappy Bento Box-Done and Mailed

Wonky Bee block for Bea- Wonky house- Done and Mailed

International Stashers block for Meg- Flying geese Done and Mailed

St. Patrick’s Day Mini- Block done now I need to sandwich and quilt

Christmas QAL 2012- Until B has been completed

Sew Happy Geek QAL- Finished the Firefly block now only 7 more blocks to make :P

Bee Creative 2012 april block for Brandie- Done and mailed

No Progress Items
Blog hop mini- Still thinking

Baby quilt-no progress
Table runner- no progress
Log cabin no progress
Log Cabin Christmas quilt no progress

We Bee Learning group one Quilt- I ordered grey fabric to use for the sashing
We bee Learning group 2 quilt- Still cannot find a patterned white fabric!!!

I think I am doing pretty good at staying ahead or at least keeping my head above the water for the most part.  I am going to try and work a little bit more on projects for me. Its great to take part in the bee’s, but at the end of the month you send it off and don’t have anything to show for it!

What has everyone else been up to!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Gardening Questions

Last night I spent a good part of the evening drawing up my garden plan. I got out all my books and all my seeds and tried to put something together a bit different than last year.
Most people work at the table I chose the love

 I think I am happy with it, but before I make a nice copy, scan it and post it I have a few things I need to figure out first. I am going to look online for the answers to my questions below, however if anyone has any suggestions or answers I would love to hear them too!

Okay so this is what I need to figure out.

How much room do sweet potatoes take up? I was able to find some yesterday even though I am pretty sure they are yams and everything I have read says that yams and sweet potatoes are not the same thing...who knows maybe they were all

Has anyone successfully grown spaghetti squash on trellises? What do you do when they start to get too big?

Do butternut squash take up a lot of room? Should I bother planting acorn squash?

Can you grow tomatoes and cucumbers next to each other? I haven’t seen anything that says no, but nothing that says yes

Is it safe to plant tomatoes in the same area that had blight 2 years ago?

Is it worth it to try and grow artichokes from seed or am I better off trying to find already started plants at the greenhouse

I also have a portion of the garden that nothing grows in. The trees leave it in it the shade most of the day, it’s usually wet and the chick weed loves that area. I have tried planting a few different things there in the past, but nothing really takes. Any suggestions?

So basically I have A LOT of questions that I still need to find answers for..LOL

In other news I went out and bought some more seed starting containers, soil, 6 tier a storage rack and growing bulbs. I still have to find the light fixtures that will hold the bulbs now. You would think if you sell the bulbs you would sell the fixtures that use that size bulbs.....but no. We hit three stores yesterday and will try the little store in town today. I would like to get things started tomorrow at the latest so we may be borrowing my mother in laws fire starters instead! Not that they really start fires, but they are old

Wish me luck!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Sundays blocks

Well on Sunday the sun finally came out and this left me feeling ready to sew. I was able to finish up the two blocks that I had cut out on Monday which means I was able to cross a few things off my to-do list

I finally finished the firefly block for the Sew Happy Geek QAL. The QAL is now officially over, but I still plan on getting my blocks done. For some reason or another I really had trouble getting my blocks to be the correct size. My HST’s were supposed to be 3.5 and they ended up being I had to improvise. I think it still turned out pretty well in the end. My seams are not perfect, but good enough for me!

I also got my April block done for another Bee I am in. It is a wonky # sign. Since the monthly host hasn’t posted it yet I won’t say which bee it is However it was really easy to make and I used my new favourite fabric to make it. I think it turned out pretty nice

And finally my wonky house is finished up and ready for mailing. I was able to figure out how to machine stitch it. I had been practicing my blanket stitch on just a plain ole piece of fabric and it kept bunching. So I made up a little mock house using some steam a seam stuff and tried the stitch on that. It worked out a lot better with no bunching so I moved onto the real house and guess what.............It think it turned out pretty darn great for my first time ever!
I think next time I would make the stitch a little bit smaller and it isn’t perfectly straight, but I love it all the same. Here is the front 
 And because I think it looks soo is the

Okay I better go and get ready. I have an appointment to see a nutritionist today...dr.’s orders which means that is it covered by health care. Yippee why wouldn’t I go then? I hope she can give me a few tips to help beat these illnesses from adding to my waistline J

I am also going to link up with the Manic Monday Linky Party over at SEWHAPPYGEEK. Go on over and take a look to see what everyone is doing :)
Sew Happy Geek
Take care,

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sewing Saturday

Last night I closed the door to my craft room at 7pm and didn’t come out again till 10pm and what did I get done............well not a whole heck of a lot. I thought that I was going to get all three of the blocks that I had cut out finished and in the end I ended up with one block getting the best of me...LOL

I worked on a Starflower block for Tara in Group 2 of the We Bee Learning Bee. I have wanted to make this block for quite awhile and was excited to finally have the chance to give it a try. It gave me a lot of practice working on half square triangles.

You get 24 hst with this block enough to make 2 blocks. It involved a lot of cutting, but for the most part I think my blocks were pretty good.

I was very excited to lay it all out and have it actually look like it was suppose to!!

However that is where the excitement stopped...LOL I sewed my rows together easy peasy however when I had to sew the rows to the other rows I couldn’t for the life of me get the buggers to match up!  I have never had this much trouble and I think it had something to do with having the press the seams open. I never press my seams open and when I have to match seams up for the most part they are either right on or oh so close. However this time I was ripping and resewing at least 8 times on one set of rows. It didn’t help that my machine wasn’t cooperating either. For some reason my feed dogs were not advancing and it would just keep on sewing in the same spot....this made it even harder to rip later...LOL

Oh well the second set of rows went together a bit better and I only had to reverse sew twice. When it came to joining them all together I just pressed my seams closed and everything lined up a lot better. So after 3 hours of cursing and yelling I did end up with a finished starflower block that I am happy enough with to send off to its new home.

Today I may try and tackle the other block in addition to finishing up my 2 just for me as well as my wonky house block that needs to get done and mailed off ASAP. In regards to the wonky house does anyone have tips for machine appliqué? I have been practising for a few days and my machine always bunches the fabric up when I use the blanket stitch. I am going to look online again for some solutions otherwise I think I may just have to mail it back as is since I don’t want to wreck her block.

I hope everyone is having a great day

Friday, 23 March 2012

Road Trip

Yesterday Mr. Pickles and I took a little road trip up to the city of Prince Albert. Mr. P wanted to see if he could get a better price on garden tractors up there compared to the city so we took the 118km drive up to see what we could find. It ended up being a bust since a lot of the big dealerships didn’t carry them in stock and were for lack of a better Oh well at least we got out of the house. Lucky me wasn’t feeling too well so even after Mr.P drove me to the fabric shop to buy whatever I wanted I still only went in for about 5 minutes and walked out. There were about 5 or so things that I wanted to buy, but just didn’t have the energy to pick them up and take them to the cutting tables so I just walked Oh well there is always a next time.

On the way home we decided that we wouldn’t take the main highway back home, but try a single lane secondary highway and see where it took us. We had never taken this way before and thought it would be fun to see what was out this way. It ended up taking 140km to get back, but it was worth the extra drive.

There was a lot of nothing the whole trip just lots and lots of open land. People always make the joke that in Saskatchewan you could watch your dog run away for 3 days...and well it’s true!

The first highlight of the trip was coming up to the St.Louis Bridge that crosses the South Saskatchewan River. First of all we had no idea it existed and second of all it was CRAZY. There was just enough room to fit the truck though.

Look how close we are to the railing!

Frozen River

I looked online today and it says that the bridge was originally built in 1914 as a train bridge and in 1928 the wings that we were driving on were added on.  That was exactly what we were thinking when we saw the middle part was closed off....but we are rarely right..LOL

There was nothing much to the town except this old grain elevator.

 It turned out that there is an archaeological site not too far from the village, so we may have to return in the summer to check that out. Although I am an Archaeologist, my knowledge is in Classical and Near Eastern Egypt, Greece, and Rome and so on. Not in Plains Archaeology which is Native American cultures. This means I don’t know a lot about the ancient history in my own province, something that I am going to have to change J

Here is a picture of the landscape....lots of nothing

We drove though the village on Domremy which has been around since 1885 and is now almost a ghost town. It was so sad too sad to take pictures of so we didn’t

The second highlight was when we reached Gabriel’s bridge to cross the South Saskatchewan River once again.

This was only really exciting since it meant that we were almost We have had many more exciting times over this Here is some of the ice all pushed up.. 

After the bridge we hit the car wash in Rosthern to wash the salt off the truck and then drove the further 20km to get home. All in all the round trip was about 5 hours including our stops in P.A. It was a nice little rest from everyday life.

Take Care

Thursday, 22 March 2012

It’s beginning to look like SPRING!

The snow is starting to melt.... granted as I took this picture this morning it is snowing, but not enough to stick around hopefully.

The garden is slowly starting to awake from its winter sleep, however it will likely be sometime before things dry up and all the frost is out of the ground. This is Saskatchewan after all it we could still be in for a few more snow storms! Mr. Pickles does have the manure all ready to go at the farm though so the sooner we can work that stuff in the better.

While we were in the city yesterday for my Dr Appointment we did a bit of seed shopping to help cheer me up. Although initially maddening since I didn’t bring my seed list with me it was fun to look through everything and buy lots of seed packets!

I ended up buying a few packages of the wrong seeds and forgot about a few others, but for the most part I think I bought everything that I needed plus a few more..LOL
I didn’t buy any tomato seeds since this is my first year starting seed inside. I think if everything I start early this year survives and produces well I will give it a try next year. However for the 2012 growing season I am going to by my tomato plants from the greenhouse!

So now I better get my garden plan....planed!

Take care

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

WIP Wednesday 21/03/2012

 I didn’t get too much done this week it has less to do with me not  getting my butt in gear and more to do with the fact that  I got some potentially life changing news from the Dr which really made everything else seem worthless. Nonetheless, the power was out from 11am till 9pm on Monday and since there was nothing else I could really do in the house I decided to cut up fabric for all the blocks I want to make.  I only got 3 blocks cut out before Mr. Pickles came home for lunch (we made soup on the BBQ a long with To make things even more interesting the internet decided that it would not work on Tuesday so that left me even more time in the sewing room, but I spent it cleaning instead of sewing. So long story short I don’t have a lot to show for WIP Wednesdays.

Today I am linking up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced and @The Needle and Thread Network.  Make sure you hop on over there and see what everyone else is working on too.

Right Click to Save ImageWIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Things I need to get done for March
We Bee Learning group one block for Brandie- A wonky star. Done.
We Bee Learning group two block for Tara- Starflower block -Fabric cut out

Bee Creative 2012 block for Erin- Scrappy Bento Box-Done!!
Wonky Bee block for Bea- I still need to do the machine appliqué

International Stashers block for Meg- Flying geese...not perfect...but done

St. Patrick’s Day Mini- Block done now I need to sandwich and quilt

Blog hop mini- Still thinking
Christmas QAL 2012- Until B has been completed
Baby quilt-no progress
Table runner- no progress
Log cabin no progress
Log Cabin Christmas quilt no progress
Sew Happy Geek QAL- working on block 6 the firefly block
We Bee Learning group one Quilt- no progress
We bee Learning group 2 quilt- no progress
Bee creative 2012 April block for Brandie- Wonky # Fabric cut

So there you go what has everyone else been up to?