Sundays blocks

Well on Sunday the sun finally came out and this left me feeling ready to sew. I was able to finish up the two blocks that I had cut out on Monday which means I was able to cross a few things off my to-do list

I finally finished the firefly block for the Sew Happy Geek QAL. The QAL is now officially over, but I still plan on getting my blocks done. For some reason or another I really had trouble getting my blocks to be the correct size. My HST’s were supposed to be 3.5 and they ended up being I had to improvise. I think it still turned out pretty well in the end. My seams are not perfect, but good enough for me!

I also got my April block done for another Bee I am in. It is a wonky # sign. Since the monthly host hasn’t posted it yet I won’t say which bee it is However it was really easy to make and I used my new favourite fabric to make it. I think it turned out pretty nice

And finally my wonky house is finished up and ready for mailing. I was able to figure out how to machine stitch it. I had been practicing my blanket stitch on just a plain ole piece of fabric and it kept bunching. So I made up a little mock house using some steam a seam stuff and tried the stitch on that. It worked out a lot better with no bunching so I moved onto the real house and guess what.............It think it turned out pretty darn great for my first time ever!
I think next time I would make the stitch a little bit smaller and it isn’t perfectly straight, but I love it all the same. Here is the front 
 And because I think it looks soo is the

Okay I better go and get ready. I have an appointment to see a nutritionist today...dr.’s orders which means that is it covered by health care. Yippee why wouldn’t I go then? I hope she can give me a few tips to help beat these illnesses from adding to my waistline J

I am also going to link up with the Manic Monday Linky Party over at SEWHAPPYGEEK. Go on over and take a look to see what everyone is doing :)
Sew Happy Geek
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  1. Love the blocks. Hope your appointment goes great.

  2. Your sew along and bee blocks look cool! And your wonky house looks great. I like it when the blanket stitch is done with a thread that mostly matches the fabric. As you practice with it you'll find an exact setting that you'll like to use.

  3. I don't see an uneven seem the color of that block. and that wonky house is too cute from both sides!

  4. great blocks!! That house is just so cute, adding some sunshine to my evening :)

  5. I love all of these blocks!! The firefly one is very cool! :) Have fun at the nutritionist! You'll have to fill me in on what they say...Hope you had a good day!

  6. Great wonky pound!! :) And I'm in LOVE with your wonky house! On my way over to steal it!! :P

  7. Your firefly block is fabulous! Glad the tutorial worked for you :)


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