International food nights goes to Denmark

Saturday night was our turn to host an international food night dinner. As you may recall we picked D at the last supper and we ended up decided to go with food from....................DENMARK!

In doing research on Danish food I found it wasn't very exciting and it is predominantly a meat and Potato culture. However, since we are meat and potato kind of people it meant that we were going to be able to make a few things that would likely become new favourites in our everyday cooking.

To start we had Smorrebrod ice cold snaps and Carlsberg beer.

This consists of a slice of Rye bread and then an assortment of topping to go on top.
We had Pate, smoked Salmon, sautéed shrimp, cream cheese and beet relish. Now from what I read it is common to put all of these things on top of one slice.....and even though it sounded gross we all tried it and guess was it was AMAZING. Who would have though all those strong tastes would work so great together!

For our 2nd  appetizer  Mr. Pickles made havarti which is a Danish cheese wrapped in bacon. Now this isn’t a traditional Danish recipe, but we found it on my go to site and thought it sounded great. However, cheese and bacon on a hot BBQ didn’t quite work was good but not as nice looking as the picture online

Our 3rd appetizer was fried havarti cheese....we ended up being sooo full that we skipped that appie and just Mr.P and I had it on Sunday. It was great though!!

Our main course was very simple. We made the national dish of Denmark, Frikadeller. It is basically a pork and beef meatball, which is served with thick gravy, boiled potatoes, pickles and pickled beets. Now the recipe was so easy and I do make meatballs quite a bit so I didn’t think they would be any different than our norm. However, they were also amazing and the gravy was just perfect! So although simple meal this is something that I would make over and over again

For Dessert I made kringles. I have never made pastries before, but these turned out great too....oh so yummy!

So all in all it was another great International Meal! I just love these nights since we are able to discover new foods that we would have likely never ever tried! At the end on the meal my parents picked a C out of the bag....hmmmmmmm Canadian food.....maybe we will just all go out to a restaurant and eat...LOL

Till next time


  1. How much fun is that?!? I love the idea of picking a letter and a country from that and learning all the foods. Great way to expand your horizons!

  2. What great fun and food! We used to do a monthly food get together with 4-5 other couples. It was always theme based and everyone would bring something based on the theme.

    I think that you should make your parents pick a different country that starts with a C!

  3. Sounds like your evening was a Success! I say Chili, China or Croatia.. No Canada ;) Have a great day!!

  4. I look forward to your post about your International food nights and this was wonderful The meatballs look yummy too.

  5. I love reading about your intl food nights. It's so much fun seeing what you've come up with. Must admit, of all these things, the dessert attracts me the most :)

  6. The kringles and the fried cheese look oh so yummy! Great job on your meal making! :)

  7. Oh, Pickles, You had me till Kringles! I have to say that growing up we had a friend who lives in Wisconsin and she would bring us down a real danish kringle!! And can I just say... I have had them from many places and even tried to make my own (even though they take four days to make a traditional one) and there are none like the ones from Racine, Wisconsin! (they even ship to IL, I wonder if they would ship to Canada? LOL)
    I think those meatballs would be great to make a MASSIVE batch and freeze!!
    I just love your international food night!! :)


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