Happy Saint Patrick’s day!

Now I know this isn’t really your typical holiday, but it is still fun to dress up in green and pretend you are Irish for the day. Although my heritage is Ukrainian and German my mother’s ancestors actually moved to Ireland just before the start of the Potato Famine! Talk about bad timing!!! I cannot recall how long they stayed for before coming to Canada, but that has to mean I am at least a wee bit Irish.....lol

 Today is also the next instalment of our international food night’s dinner parties and if you recall we picked D from the bag. You will have to wait till tomorrow to find out which country we choose, however since today is also St.Patrick's days there will a wee bit of Irish fare as well.

Okay onto FNSI!!!

Handmade by Heidi

Well my FSNI wasn’t quite what I had hoped for. I wanted to get in my 2-3hours like I normally do, however we were in the city most of the day and evening buying food for the supper this evening so we didn’t get home until 9. It took me until 9:30 to unpack and put everything away and then print out all my recipes. Nonetheless, I told Mr. Pickles I was going to try to get in 1 hour of sewing, before I made us supper....lol

So what did I get done in 1 hour?

First I got my wonky house for Bea all cut up and ironed on. I really enjoyed doing this it was so much fun and so easy to do!

Now the hard part is that she wants us to machine stitch the whole thing using the button hole stitch and I have no idea what to do. I have never done appliqué before and I am afraid to do it wrong!! Also on my machine to use the button hole stitch you have to use the button hole foot and then it just makes a wee little rectangle....So I am not sure what to do now.....going to have to Google that!

For the past month on my to-do list I have had make a St.Patty’s day mini for my table top quilt hanger on there in big letters. However, I couldn’t think of what to make so I didn’t make anything.  Until last night that is. After doing the appliqué for Bea’s block I thought “Hey what about an appliqué Shamrock!”
However, I didn’t have any of the heat and bond stuff she sent along.......but then guess what I found a wee little sheet of steam a seam just laying on the floor! No idea where it came from, but I scooped it up and used it. This is what I came up with

Now it isn’t finished, I still have to sandwich it and quilt is, but it almost done!!!! I know it looks like a broccoli...but I still think it is pretty cute. I want to try and do some stitching in a lighter green to define things a bit more, however I am quite happy with it!

So there you go that is what I got done for FNSI, not a lot, but something!


  1. A little sewing or even preparation to sew is always better than none at all. It's actually how I get everything I do done...a little at a time. Your brocoli shamrock will be cute when you get the detail stitching done.

  2. I think you got a lot done on the FNSI, Mrs P - and I don't think that your shamrock looks like broccoli at all! :-)

  3. MMmm very nice projects to play with for an hour. Cute little house, hope you find out how Bea means for you to finish it.
    The little Shamrock hanging is perfect for a little St Patricks day decoration.

  4. Good looking house Mrs p. Before u use that button hole foot...I think its actually a blanket stitch. Hugs. You can practice on ur fun shamrock...

  5. Great job on your Wonky house Mrs P...I think it is super cute. Before u put that button hole foot on your machine...I think its suppose to be a blanket stitch. Your shamrock would be a perfect practice piece. Hugs

  6. Great looking Wonky house Mrs.P it's super cute. before you put that button hole attachment on you machine..I think you meant a blanket stitch..which will be easier...your cute shamrock will be a perfect practice piece.

  7. Great projects! It's the thought that counts for FNSI...at least you enjoyed thinking about what you could work on and hopefully will have more time to enjoy next month!

  8. I may have to try a wonky house cause yours is so cute!!

    It's really cute!

  9. Do you have a book for you machine?? Buttonholes not that bad! (well as long as you don;t have the pressure of making sure that the hole is the right size! LOL I like your shamrock!! And well, if you think it looks like broccoli they I guess you can keep it up in your kitchen all year long! LOL

  10. I especially love the wonky house. I am not much of a quilter, so I think I could handle doing the imperfect wonkiness myself. I will have to give it a try!


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