Friday’s musings or moanings...LOL

Well I think March has certainly come in like a Lion or at least a cranky lion cub. Yesterday we were treated to some lovely snow that would storm like the dickens and then stop tricking you into thinking it was all done just to start up again later. We were even treated to another couple of inches of snow over night. I blame Mr. Pickles who has been saying that he wants a really big storm since he misses shoveling...hello

I finally got my mini quilt done for The Name Game Swap. I don’t think I will show it on here, or the swap flickr page. I didn’t even want to sign my card with my blog name....LOL I am still I don’t know disappointed in it or me or I am not sure, but I am glad that it is over. The whole experience has made me think that I am not going to take part in swaps anymore. Since I got sick a few years back I cannot switch the stress button off. Logically I know that certain things will not happen if the quilt isn’t perfect or what have ya,  but my body doesn’t get the memo so pair the extreme over thinking with the 4 years of insomnia and the S&*T hits the fan and in the end that taints the whole experience. So why put myself thru it, right? I did it so that I can say that I tried something and this illness isn't going to win....I didn't win this round.....but I tried, I got it done and it is in the mail.

Speaking of the mail....last week I went to the local post office and asked the best way to mail my mini to Australia for the least amount of money. I brought in the dimensions and the weight of what the finished mini would be and the postmistress quoted me a price. She told me to use the Canada Post official plastic envelope that you can buy from them. So I went over to the wall they were on an asked which one (there are about 20) she told me to get the largest one they had. I asked her if that would cost more to ship and she said nope still just $4.20. I had her check again before I paid for it and she said yes buy the extra big one. So take us to yesterday when I go to mail the mini. There is a different lady working(there are only 2 of them 1 ft and 1pt working there) and she proceeds to tell me that since it is an oversized package it has to be shipped as a large parcel which would be 50bucks. I almost ran out of the post office right there!. I explained what the other lady told me and she said well she must have just lied. To which I said she was the boss and if she is lying then I guess I should report her to Canada post head office. This opened the door to many other mailing options....but since she now didn’t know what to charge, the parcel could just end up coming back....stupid.....So long story short at the post office we ended up cutting the super extra large envelop in half, stuffing my mini back in after cutting through my card and then taping the sucker back up. However after that whole process the sucker now weighed too much so instead of the 4.20 I now had to pay 7.40. It’s still better than 50bucks or paying 8 for a small packet and it coming back with postage due on it. However, the whole experience was stupid.
The evening ended with a migraine from hell that left me on my knees, in tears, and puking my guts out.  Oh well such is life.....LOL Now on to take more pain meds and try to sleep!


  1. Oh, no. I do have to say the lady smiles every time I come in because she knows I will have a million questions and she is ever so helpful! Mine was $8.70 to mail to Australia from here, so the price sounds about right. I did fold mine, i guess I figure it can always be pressed back flat. I want to see pics, you send me some! I showed you mine you show me yours! LOL feel better!
    P.S. My FIL came home from Iraq Wed. and is up in Canada enjoiying your lovely weather for the next three weeks!! LOL

  2. Oh me a favor...put your right hand on your left shoulder and left hand on your right shoulder....SQUEEZE REAL HARD...there is a hug from me...u definitely need one today. Hope u feel better soon.

  3. Oh, what a day you had! Quilting shouldn't be that stressful! Hugs hayley!

  4. Goodness gracious girl! And they wonder why we call it "going postal"! No swap is worth all that stress. I just can't imagine your creation can be that bad. Well, chalk it up to experience.

  5. Oh dear, you really did not have a good day. Hopefully today will be better.

    As for postage, I ordered a quilting template from the US 3 weeks ago. I had a card from our post service yesterday, saying they were holding it cos there was customs duty to pay. The duty was £3, and then the PO charged me £8 for their handling charge.

  6. Gotta love Canada Post !! I always hold my breath, expecting the worst, when I go to mail a package!!
    Glad you got a good deal...maybe I should try threatening someone in there!
    Have a good day!


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