5” Signature block tutorial

For group two of the We Bee Learning bee we were asked to send a 5inch signature block along with our finished squares. There are quite a few tutorials for 3.5inch siggy blocks, but I couldn’t find any on 5 so I figured I would make one myself for any of the other bees in the group. This is my first tutorial and the room was a little dark so the pictures are a  little dim....but I hope it is okay. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions

5inch signature block option one
This is a larger version of a common siggy block that you can find online. I used http://www.psiquilt.com/2010/01/siggy-block-tutorial.html for inspiration

Cutting requirements
1 5x5 inch block in white or cream
2 4x4 inch in whatever colour you want

1. Lay the 4 inch block right sides together on top of the white block. Mark a line from corner to corner

2. Sew directly on the marked line

3. Leaving a 1/4inch seam allowance cut off the excess fabric

4. Press seam outwards

Repeat steps 1-4 on opposite corner
Trim to 5inch if necessary
Sign your name and you are done

5 inch siggy block Option 2- wonky log cabin
Now this one is a little hard to give exact measurements on since it is suppose to be wonky. For this example I start with a 2.5 centre square and then simply cut strips in various widths till I got a 4inch square. I then framed it up till it reached 5.

Cutting requirements –** It’s better to measure the square after each addition to get exact measurements for your block.**
 Nonetheless, this is what I used for mine
Centre square 2.5x2.5 inch square
Colour A one 1 x 2.5 and one 1x3
Colour B one 1.5 x3 and one 1.5 x 4
Colour C one  1x4, two 1 x 4.5, and one1 x 5

Sew colour A onto the top of the centre square, press seam outwards. Sew colour A onto the side of the centre square and press.

Sew colour B onto the other side of the centre square, press seam outwards. 

Sew colour B onto the bottom of the centre square and press.

Sew colour C onto each side of your block pressing seams after each addition
Now measure to make sure it is 5x5 and trim if needed. Sign your name and it is done

I hope this was helpful!


  1. You did a great job on the tutorial! I love the second option. More color, of course! Thank you!


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